Friday, December 5, 2008

A Super RAK and a Give-a-way...

Yesterday the mails brought a super RAK from my dear friend Jennifer in Ohio. Here is a snap -

Jennifer knows how we have three fur babies and so included and wonderful keyring with and chihuahua on it (looking just like HRH The Peach) -and here her majesty is....

Just thinking "ya gotta piece cheese - so give that sucker up...NOW!!" She is a sweetie!!..... back to the RAK - Jennifer knows me quite well and also sent some handmade soap - a real weakness of mine - and a brochure from Historic Lebanon. Thank you so much - It just made my day!!!! That is one of the really great things about this blog stuff - I have met such wonderful people that I wouldn't have otherwise. The friendships I have been building within this community are great and I do cherish every one of them - another thing to be thankful for!!!!

I wanted to do a drawing/give-a-way and just didn't know what or where I would find the time - but Rico came through - he had a sales rep visit his office and give him this baseball Snoopy - Here is a snap -

Since I don't know anyone that collects Snoopy's I wanted him to go to someone who would appreciate him.... so if you or you know someone who would enjoy getting him just leave a little comment on this blog up until Sunday 12/7 at 3 PM PST - and we will haul out the BOD and have a drawing - I will announce the winner on Monday Morning - this way I can get him in the mail Tuesday and hopefully to his new home before Christmas - He sits about 6 inches tall.

I started working on the ABC SAL last night using the dark fabric..... I am not sure I really like the way the golden Scarecrow is looking - I love the plum colour but the yellow - I wonder what a green might look like or just a lighter purple????..... I think I may try something else over the weekend and post on Monday.

Thank you all for the great ideas about shelling the walnuts - I was just lol - as I never thought about using a towel - I had these visions of whacking the nuts with a hammer and having them fly all over the place - I am such a ding sometimes!!!! Now how did my grandmother deal for all those years shelling pecans and walnuts for the holidays - I know she shelled tons every fall because she made all sorts of candies....making - turtles, fudge, sugared nuts, and cakes and pies both the ton. Where did she find the time?

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend -
Take care,


  1. A lovely RAK from Jennifer.

    A draw? I'm always up for a draw - please enter me Edgar.

    Lovely photo of The Peach!

  2. Love, love the photo of HRH. :) And I am so glad I gave you the lol about the hammer and towel. I have cracked walnuts just that way. And learned the hard way about the towel trick. LOL :) Oh, and any pieces that escape? The dogs just might scoop them up. :) At least mine always did.

  3. Great rak! Adorable doggie. See ya later Edgar!

  4. Snoopy would look wonderful sitting on top of my register at my school! Sign me up to try to win him! I know the kids would love him!

  5. I would love a chance to win Snoopy. Thank you Edgar and Rico!

  6. Edgar, I've enjoyrd reading your blog and seeing your wonderful stitching.
    I would love to be entered into your drawing for Snoopy. I collect anything with Snoopy on it.

  7. How did our ancestors find the Internet, no TV. :-) Just think what we could do if we didn't get online and e-mail and blog, or watch TV/movies!


    PS...TCM had a tribute to Anita Page the other day with a ton of great ~old~ movies...

  8. If you haven't tried Primal Elements soap yet, you must! I recommend Tahitian Vanilla (in Decadent) Here's a link -enjoy

  9. Ohhh he is so cute well i would love to enter this draw and i know four children lol who would look after him and give him lots of cuddles so count me in thanks edgar.

  10. Edgar. A lovely RAK - aren't you lucky!
    Please count me in for the draw. My sister has what I reckon to be a PhD in Snoopy Loving and she'd kill me if I passed up a chance like this :-)

  11. Great gift from Jennifer! I'm sure Miss Peach and the others will enjoy the goodies.


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