Friday, August 29, 2008

Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club - 2009

The membership is now open - if you would like to sign up just send me an email.
All the info you will need is at the SBBC Blog
- I am taking memberships from now until September 26th - 12pm PST.

The Club will run the calendar year form January 1st until December 31st.

take care,


Heidi said...

Good morning Edgar, I'd love to join, but haven't seen your email listed on your blog or profile. Help please?
Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend (gosh I miss that!)!

Creative Chaos said...

Hi Edgar , count me in please !!
Next week I will mail you with the details ..
Hope you have a wonderful weekend !!
Patti xx

karen said...

Just sent you an email. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hiya edgar thanks for putting my info down look forward to joining you all and love the halloween rr its coming along nicley

Anonymous said...

Hi Edgar, I have only starting blogging about my stitching for the past few months but I have been stitching forever. Can you tell how do I go about joining the Stitching Bloggers group so I can sign up for the birthday club and also some information about the stitching bloggers. I have been active in yahoo stitching groups for a few years. thanks & I love your work and your blob!

Anonymous said...

Ops I meant to say "blog" not blob... sorry