Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hit and Run Post

Just a quick postie today as I have come into a pile of work from the weekend -
I ask myself is that extra day off worth it......and I always tell myself - YES!!!!

I will say that there was some upheaval in my life over the weekend - as I have quit my part time job a Borders - there are just way to many things going on at the corporate level and then trickling down onto the staff that I do not agree with - especially towards employees - not me in particular since I was only there a few days a month - I was in under the radar - but in general that I did not agree with, so I quit! I live my life by one constant thought and premise - "If I aint happy, I change it!!" That applies to every single aspect of my life - job - living situation - acquaintances - clubs - crafts....... everything!!! So I was not happy there and I changed it!! You can ask anyone that really knows me and they will tell you how true a statement that is. I always remember first and foremost - that we only get one shot at this life and you have to make of it what YOU want it to be!! There is NOT going to be a magic knock on the proverbial door with somebody handing you what you want - change it and get it yourself!!!
Now - off the soap box -

It was quite stitchy weekend with a ton exchange and RR stitching -
I do not have any snaps today but will have some tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a great weekend - I sure did!!!!

Take care,

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Vonna said...

Amen Edgar - That is my motto too :) Hurray for you...although I bet that was a tough one...fondling all those books...that would have been hard to leave for me...I've secretly always wanted to work in a book store...LOL!

Erica said...

Good for you Edgar!
There is always a lot of upheaval in quitting a job, but I have always found it uplifting to walk away from a crummy job! Somehow I feel myself invested with all sorts of new energy!
In the end, it is as you said, if we are unhappy, it is up to us to make the changes! Life is too short!

Tammy said...

Great advice Edgar! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Glad you had a great weekend!

Annemarie said...

HEar hear. Good for you, Edgar!

Barbara said...

Good for you, Edgar! Life's too short to spend it doing stuff that we don't like.

Sherry said...

Good for you! I just love your attitude Edgar!!

karen said...

good for you! I love your motto and do try to live by it as well and as much as we can.

Von said...

Another cheer for you, Edgar! :D

Courtney said...

this is very inspiring!! I think I'll be looking for a new job starting tomorrow... ;o)

sari.i. said...

Hear hear!!! What a wonderful motto, I wish everyone could follow it.

Heidi said...

Good for you Edgar! It may not have been easy, but no doubt that now that this door is closed a new one will open for you.