Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hit and Run Post.....

A very short and very late post today. This morning I have been sending out the reminder emails for next months SBBC Partners - and October is the biggest Birthday Month of the year - and we all know why....... about 9 months ago there was a holiday called..... Valentines day..... a day that is very romantic!!!! Just a reminder that the SBBC for 2009 sign ups will close on this Friday, 9/26 - at 3pm PST. I am planning on working up the parings over the weekend and sending out the emails next week, that will give everyone enough time.

Last night I was working on the MAW - and will probably not make this Thursday's mail date - it will more that likely be pushed to next Tuesday.

Yesterday Rico got a copy of the "Sex in the City" - 2008 movie - and so that was the flick for the evening. We really enjoyed it and it was just like watching a very long show. if you liked the show then you will probably like the movie.
I know that there are lots of people that did not like it but we did!!

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Elizabeth said...

Hello Edgar - I just found your blog and quite enjoy your postings! I see I just missed signing up for a stitch exchange; I have never done one before and thought it would be a good motivator too! Can you recommend other ones to join that are going to be starting in the future Thanks! ~Elizabeth