Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Once again - Thank you all so much!!!

Thank you all for the wonderful things you had to say from yesterdays post!!! It is often hard to leave something you like but it wasn't going to get better - and I had been there over 5 years working part time - but now I look at it as just that much more free time to devote to my obsession - I mean hobby - this stitching stuff!!

I finished up Carol's RR for the Witching for Stitching Halloween RR. I am really happy with the way it turned out - as I like to think "It's just creepy enough!" Here is a snap -

I have also made a decision about my own re-stitch for the QFRR - and I think I am going to go with LL Vintage Lentil with Raisin Wine and Old Maid of the Soil. Here is a floss toss -

The other fabric - was just way to splotchy - I love those splotches but there is a limit and it was taking away from the really nice silk colours.

Yesterday the in the mail was a cornucopia of charts - I had won on eBay -
(like I need any more stash) Here is a snap -

Prairie Schooler is one of the designers I really like and am filling out my collection - Yes, I have a list of them that I still need - and in my complete obsession with Vonna's MM&IRR - I have started to settle my ideas into a form that I can work with - the bulk of the ideas are coming from PS but I also have some LHN, Workbasket, and others so nothing on paper yet, but I am getting there.

Last night while I was thinking about the MMIRR I sat down and picked up VoHRH and did a bit on that - some leaves and started on the sign -

There are two super exchanges coming up in November - do I dare join something else???? :)

Thanks for all the support and also thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


CraftyT said...

You are going to get so much stitching done now!

VOHRH is looking great and I absolutly love the floss and fabric choice. Olde maid of the soil is a great color :)

Nice stash haul as well BBD is a favorite of mine
Take Care

valerie said...

Edgar...sounds like you're so busy! I like the linen change for QFRR. I think that will allow those lovely silks to *pop*!

Carol's RR came out the house!

Plus, VoHRH is coming along nicely. Ugh, seeing all your progress makes me feel so behind! lol

Sorry to hear about your weekend job but now you can take some time to yourself and relax on the weekends. That'll be nice.

Vonna said...

Well HEY HO Edgar...thank you for posting your VoHRH...because that sign...that is just THE ONE I was obsessing about where I saw it and I couldn't find it but thar' she blows...right there in your snap!
Yep....the MM&IRR is really mind boggling...I find myself thinking about it constantly....

Anyway...on to your post - Love Carol's House you stitched...good going you! And I love the fabric and the floss for your re-stitch...still haven't heard "a thing" that is disgusting....

Annemarie said...

I love the linen and floss you've chosen for your QFRR. Must admit I'm not too fond of the splotchy hand-dyed stuff.
The Halloween RR looks absolutely terrifyingly spooky, just as it should be. And VoHRH... Tell me, what do you need a MMIRR for?

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool house you've stitched on Carol's RR :o)

Congrats on your ebay win. A nice little stash you got there.

DaisyGirl said...

Love your floss colors! Ebay is such a sin! hahaha
Don't worry about the job, you will have more time to stitch!

Itching To Stitch said...

Oh, I just love that Halloween RR ;)

Anonymous said...

your halloween rr looks great real spooky and your charts and stash is great i love raisin wine worked with it for the first time and it looks and feels great.. sorry about the job but your so busy anyway where does the job fit in? lol

Wendy said...


Love your snaps today! I love the piece you did for Carol on her WFSRR.. the color of the house makes it look like a creepy old mansion, indeed. Very cool and eerie.

staci said...

Love how Carol's RR is turning out!

Becky K in OK said...

Love the bats and cat in Carol's RR. The peice is fabulous.

Tammy said...

Lovely stash! We have similar tastes in stitchin' stuff!

Shelleen said...

I love the Halloween pattern for the RR and great haul of stash.

Creative Chaos said...

Hi Edgar,
Great snaps !! The halloween RR is looking fantastic and you color choise is just perfekt !!
Patti xx

Lelia said...

Luv the Halloween RR & VOHR is just great!

Stitch well