Monday, September 22, 2008

The First BOD - Drawing of the Fall - and the Winner is.....

.......Lisa over at LisaV's Lounge - here are the secret behind the scenes of the ancient BOD ritual.................with the light slowly fading and the fog a'swirling over twin peaks..... the Chihuahua high priestess - Peaches - went into a trance -

and with a blink of the eye
- she daintily reached into the BOD and withdrew a slip of destiny -
and upon this scrap of delight was Lisa's name....

Who was the good girl, even though she was afraid of the camera..... and you just know she is thinking "Where's the damn cookie, I sat still now gimme that cooookie!!!!" (The Pete and Hunny were unavailable for photo's - which translates into they wouldn't sit still and kept running around..... not youe next ANTM material at all!!)

so - dear Lisa - just send your mailing address to edgarmatt @ g mail . com (remove spaces)
and I will get your prize in the mail. Thank you all who entered
- there will be other drawings here a BBotW in the near future!!!

I will be announcing the winners of the PIF in tomorrows Blog - so stay tuned for that.

This weekend I was busy stitching and finishing up the Christmas Ornie for dear Vonna - and that will go into the mail tomorrow. I also was finishing up the stitching on the MAW for Gabby and I hope to get that finished and in Thursdays mail - so I have no stitchy snaps from the weekend as both are to be surprises.

I saw some movies this weekend - I know you are surprised!! - starting off with "Moulin Rouge" - 1952 - about the life of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - although a fictionalized bio-pic - as are most of them - I really enjoy this movie with each viewing - Jose Ferrrer does such a great job as Henri and he is supported by a wonderful cast - including Suzanne Flon, Katherine Kath and the beautiful Zsa Zsa Gabor. I think it was a bio pic weekend as I also watched the completely fictionalized life story of "Hans Christian Anderson" - 1952 - another musical staring Danny Kaye, who I always enjoy. A really fun if at sometime silly movie - with some gorgeous music. The next bio-pic was "The Benny Goodman Story" - 1956 starring Steve Allen and Donna Reed - a little flat in places but the music is superb and was actually played by Goodman for the movie. The DVD was not the best - but a nice flick all the same. Then last night I it was "Casablanca" - 1942 - one of my all time favorites with such a great cast - Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henried, Claude Rains - if you have not seen this film you really should!! There were a few other films but these were the highlights.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the really nice things everyone has to say,
I truly do appreciate the comments!!!!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

congrats to Lisa!
Hahaha! I watched all those movies this weekend too!!!!! I guess we DO have the same taste in movies!
your little puppy is adorable too!
happy stitching!

Anonymous said...

oops...I didn't watch Benny Goodman though! I watched Scarlett!

Sherry said...

Congratulations to Lisa! And your puppy did a great job sitting still for those pictures!

Terry said...

Congrats Lisa.. Ah Casablanca, my favorite movie!! I love Hans Christian Anderson too, Danny Kaye movies always make me smile..

staci said...

Love that wink!

Carol R said...

How did you get Peaches to wink? So cute.
Congratulations to Lisa

Daffycat said...

Way to go, Peaches! Yay for LisaV!

Lisa said...

WooHoo, thanks sweet Peaches. It was such a lovely surprise to open your blog Edgar and see my name first up, and I just loved the photo's of Peaches doing the drawing. Thank you soo much, I have sent you an email with my details. Cheers Lisa.

Kathy said...

Peaches is just precious. And she is such a big help. Love the wink photo. :)

Rowyn said...

Peaches is sooo cute. My sister has a Chihuahua puppy (5 months old) called Taco. He is such a live wire (he gives my parents Jack Russell a really hard time), but he's oh so cute.

Congrats to Lisa on the prize.

Vonna said...

Peaches the High Preistess...I love it!!!! The pictures are all perfect and make me smile and LOL everytime...Thank YOU for making me start my day off with a cuppa joe and a laugh! :o)
Now to seize the day!