Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just slap me now!!!!

Is it just me or are there just way too many things being released that need to be stitched up??? Now - Blue Ribbon Designs has released a couple of things recently and one in particular has really gotten my attention -

Alphabet Zoo

I really like this chart as it has three things I am really drawn to - an Alphabet, different animals, and it is monochromatic. You know I already have this on order, but when will I ever get to it - and - when it comes what colour should it be done with???? I like the dark colour the model is but wouldn't it look super in an over dyed silk??? Some dark grey or really dark grey/blue or dark grey/green!!!

With that said - my stash is beyond SABLE and moving on to LAOCS (Ludicrous Amounts of Crazy Stash) How does one organize a mountain of charts -
by theme, by designer, by colour, by size -
Gadzooks it is a quandary!!!!! How often can you use that word!! ;)

Last night I finished up the 4 exchanges and now I am ahead of the pile so what could I do - I signed up for another exchange!! Now - it will be sending them all out over the next week or so. I am really pleased with the way they all turned out and do hope the recipients like them also!

There you go - it's Wednesday and now the great slide to the weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Lisa said...

You're supposed to ORGANIZE it? Why didn't I get that memo? :)

Anonymous said...

oooooooooo! THat IS pretty! I think I would like it in a black or a dark blue-black!
hee hee!
Happy stitching

Glenna said...

Here's how I organize my stash: I bought several inexpensive, colorful handle straw baskets at World Market. They're fairly rigid and stand up nicely on the top of a shelf or bookcase. Then I went through all my charts (fun) and ranked them in order of my likelihood of doing them--"now," "soon," "someday," "probably never" and loaded them into the appropriate basket. Fabrics are marked with name of sampler if I have bought them specifically for something; otherwise they just have name, color and count on them. Those go in a plastic "chest" of drawers. Fully kitted up projects go in those laminated grid zipper bags or zip-lock bags and are put in big plastic tubs that slide into the closet (although they mostly stand around the middle of the "stitching room" so I can rummage.

Carol R said...

Great chart - would look great in Vikki's Mermaid blue/black.

I am just like you - I finish off stitching for exchange saying 'that's it - no more exchanges for a while' and within days I have signed up for another!

karen said...

That is a really nice chart. ugh! Organizing stash, well i have a large rubbermaid bin with my charts in it. They are by designers, then misc designers as there is a bunch of those as well. LOL My fabric is in a 3 drawer rubbermaid wheely thing. they are by 28ct evenweave then 32ct, then linens, etc, etc. other drawers just have the misc pieces or larger pieces in it.
My stash is quite a mess right now and i need to find a new system but this works for now. then there are the ribbons, other stuff for finishing, a drawer just for UFO's/WIPs that don't fit in my bags next to my chair. 2 DMC wood boxes for my floss (special floss), buttons, etc, etc, etc. All my DMC are in the plastic bobbin holder boxes (about 10 of those).

trillium said...

I know I don't have as many charts as you, but mine are in a 3-ring binder. It's specially made--holds about about 3-4" worth of stuff.

They can be found at office supply stores and come in different sizes. Each of my charts is stored in an
8 1/2 X 11" protective plastic sleeve that is pre-punched with binder holes on the side.

You could have one binder for each designer, theme, season, etc. It's esay to flip through it and spot what you want without getting the charts dirty or dog-eared.

That animal chart is awesome!

Tammy said...

I maintain my stash (SABLE) by thinning every once and a while and putting on ebay---but mostly, I just stack my stash and go through it frequently, while maniacally giggling. It works for me. BTW, your design on order is beautiful!

DaisyGirl said...

When is Reindeer gonna start signing up? I want that one!

Kathryn said...

I stash by theme. The major categories are Seashore (for my mother-in-law who loves shells and my nephew's wife who loves lighthouses), Halloween, Christmas, SHEEP, Alphabets, and "Ha, Ha, Ha, Do You Really Think You Are Going To Stitch this BAP?" (mostly Teresa Wentzlers). I'm trying to get these all in a database, but I am lucky to keep my threads up to date.

monique said...

I have mine sorted by size, but that's it... I have a deep drawer full of the 8.5 X 11, then a drawer with 2 side by side stacks of the 6 x 9s and then another drawer that's full of the snippet size... those are in all willy-nilly LOL

Melissa said...

Ahh, isn't it great to find a chart (or two or three) that you just go ga-ga over? That's a lovely one.

Although I do organize my stash (partly coz it's not so big) I like Lisa's comment the best!

Looking forward to seeing your Alphabet Zoo.

Annemarie said...

This is the first time I looked at this and thought 'Yeah. It actually iskind of nice, and it *would* look pretty in dark teals or greys'. Geen, thanks Edgar. As if I need another project in my life :o)
It soundslike you're on a finishing roll, though. Can't wait to see the results!

Wendy said...

Another great chart that I'll just have to have....I have no organization for my charts. Just putting them in a box as they come in. Part of the fun to me is browsing through them when I'm looking for something I think I might have. It may take hours to go through them all, but to me, it just reminds me how much I love them all!

Einschies blog said...

Oh Edgar, this one catched my eye too,-)) I am a Noah and his ark lover, so this sampler will fit into my collection perfectly;-)))

Ah and my stash isn´t really organized...I always try to do that but some days later it´s looking the same because I am searching for something and have not enough time to put it back...but I always know where everything is, I am the queen over my chaos stash room,-))


Lelia said...

oh yeah, i saw that & was tempted. I ended up with a much smaller project ... as my stash is getting out of hand.

Not sure how to organize anything. I usually spend time stitching and haven't quite figured out any good way to organize

and, if i move stuff -- i lose it for a year or so!! LOL

stitch well - enjoy the day

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Edgar, you ask the all-time biggest question of stitchers to organize our stash. It's so individual. Stashing is so yummy and so much a part of what makes us tick as stitchers. You have to devise the organization that meets you in the gut!!
Hugs, Deb
PS: I'm a category, and a kitted-up, and a seasonal, and a throw it in a basket for surprises, and a stack it in a pile organizer! :]