Friday, September 5, 2008

Visiting Frida

Yesterday after work I met up with Rico in the Yerba Buena Gardens because we were eventually going to get up with Dale and go to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) to see the blockbuster show "Frida Kahlo." This stupendous show was has been at the top of my list of things to see all summer and it is closing on September 28th so we had to get to it sooner than later.

The Yerba Buena Gardens are a true oasis in the middle of the city with a gigantic waterfall -

that you can even walk under -

These gardens connect the Metreon with the MOMA

so walking over to the museum is a really nice experience.

The show at the museum was just wonderful - SF is the only North American venue for these paintings so the museum has been packed all the time. You have to get timed tickets for entry and everything. I have a friend who works there and so found out when the best times to go where - after 2PM and before 5:30Pm - which means after the bus tours leave and before those getting out of work get a chance - since both Rico and I get out at 3 and Dale was off it was very easy to arrange meeting around 4:30. There were very few people in the exhibition so it was truly a wonderful experience to be able to see the works. Not like the Monet show we went to the was just packed and it was terribly hard to just push through. I think the nicest thing about seeing the original paintings is that you really see the actual size and colours of each work. If you get the chance and are in the city before the 28th try and get to this show - it is very rare for her work to come together in any large numbers so it was a real treat - The only very minor negative would have to be the way some of the paintings were framed so don't get me started on the framing - just some god awful frames and really ugly linen mats - but I wasn't there to see the frames!

After the show we went over to Chevy's and had dinner - after we finally got home - I was a total lump and only obsessed more on the MMIRR and the border..... and worked on some of the verse that I am including withing the piece. Not a bit of stitching did I do - so no snaps - I know that the needle roll I made for Brigitte has made it to Gaby and is being forwarded to Brigitte so I will post a snap of that when I know that Brigitte has received the piece.

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend - I sure will!!!!!!!!

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Anna van Schurman said...

I saw the show in Philadelphia, and it was the photos her father took that killed me. (Bo-ring! Let's get to her work!) We saw it the last day in Philadelphia so it didn't matter how early or late we went. But I'm glad I saw it too.

Tammy said...

How lucky you are! I love Frida's work.