Monday, September 29, 2008

Hallowe'en is upon us!! Exchanges and costumes...

I have heard that the HOE Halloween exchange arrived at Margaret's and she is pleased!! I am so happy as I really did enjoy stitching up both Halloween exchanges!! I almost didn't join the Halloween exchanges thinking that I couldn't come up with something.....
but it all worked out in the end! Here is a snap pf the exchange that I sent -

The other exchange has not arrived....but as soon as I hear that it does I will post a snap!

We also went a little crazy over the weekend a Target - could they have any more decorations and costumes!!! We got a costume and a couple of wigs for the hounds and here are some snaps -

Pete-saurus Rex

and the ferocious - Peach-o-dactile

They really enjoyed wearing that thing - can't you tell! Hunny high tailed it upstairs and would only try on the pink wig (no snap yet) - we did get the blond wig on the Peach but she wouldn't still long enough to make her Veronica Lake look-a-like pose - so no snap of that one either, yet!! Stay tuned!

I did a bunch of secret stitching so no snaps of that - I was also really busy with the new rug shampoo machine we got on Friday evening - it is just amazing what filth the carpet holds - and how much dirt can be pulled out with just a couple of swipes of a cleaner, such fun I tell ya!

I am working on the SBBC for 2009 and will have out all the partner info by the end of the week - or at least that is the plan! I am waiting for some return emails so that when I send out the info as complete as I can get.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you all for the response to the Birthday give-a-way!!
Only 4 more days to sign up!!

Take care!!!!


karen said...

love the costumes! our dogs won't even let us get close to them with one.
Great exchange you sent out!! beautiful!

staci said...

Cute doggie costumes :) We were in Target over the weekend looking at Halloween stuff too!

Can I just say I ADORE the needleroll!!! Anytime you want to make another one, could you just send it my way??? LOL ;)

Sherry said...

Great exchange and your poochies are adorable! I forgot to sign up for the birthday exchange. Maybe next year if my memory gets any better! LOL

Lisa said...

They're so cute! It's funny that most people don't think animals are smart, but they're sure smart enough to be embarrassed at the right times! ;)

Annemarie said...

GREAT Halloween exchange gift, Edgar! And the doggies look like they're already enjoying Halloween, just like you!

Raven/Missy said...

Tagged you Edgar!

Michele said...

lmao those poor dogs! how cute :)

I adore the needleroll you made!

corinna said...

thanks for blogging
i so enjoy reading and seeing your posts
love the merry halloween

Diane said...

Your puppies are so cute and they remind me so much of our recently deceased sweetie.

I just inherited a 2 year old Dyson and it is amazing how much more it picks up than my little (brand new) Eureka. You'd think I'd never vacuumed before if you could see how full the canister got in just one pass over the carpet in my bedroom!

Rowyn said...

Oh my, Pete is way too cute as a dinosaur.

It is amazing how dirty carpet can get. I refuse to have rugs because I think they are just big old dirt collectors... yuk.

Karen said...

Hi Edgar, I'm new to your blog and was going through your previous posts. Your stitching is fabulous!
I love your halloween needleroll! :o)

Your dogs look so cute in their costume!

Kathy said...

Love the puppies in costume!! I used to take my furbaby trick or treating when my nieces and nephews were young. Her favorite costume? A Winnie the Pooh hat and tee shirt. She was a Pooh-Dog. LOL And yes, she got treats from a lot of houses. :)

Janaina said...

OMG! Peach-o-dactlie is the cutest one! Lol. =D