Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stitching, Stash and a Movie

Last night I moved on to Square one and finished the border and started in on the verse.
Here is a snap of the progress -

I think this square will move along really quick.

The mailman brought me an order from Drema with a couple of charts -

I just really fell for the "Home is Where you hang your Needlework." Workbasket charts how can I resist - "Quilt Border" is a real knockout as a pattern - it is the pale colours that I don't care for - I will need to refigure the colour combo and rechart them
- but when that will happen who knows....

Also in the order was the floss for "Memorial Sampler."

The colours are great and now I need to figure out on which linen to do this on et voila another project awaiting the needle!!

The movie last night was "The Purple Heart" - 1944 - made during the war.... it is a basic propaganda film built on a truth as it was then known - The story is about a mock trial for a group of downed B-25 airmen from the Doolittle raid over mainland Japan. Very interesting movie staring in the lead roll Dana Andrews who does a really good job!!

I remembered the info for yesterdays Redwork exchange piece. The design with the owls and rabbits is from a new French book called "Amities Croisees. The other side design is a free chart from French blogger Dany, who does some really gorgeous work.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Mary said...

Great start on square 1 and great new stash! When are you ever going to get all of them stitched!! LOL The colors are so yummy for the Memorial Sampler.

Carol R said...

Great start Edgar.
I went to Dany's blog looking for the free chart (which I couldn't find) but wow what wonderful stitching, finishing and photographs - thanks for the link!

Sherry said...

HRH is looking great! I am so jealous about your order! I have Memorial Sampler and the Home sampler by Homespun Elegance on my next order to be placed!

Jennifer/OH said...

What great new stash. What is the small chart with the little house ornament?
Ahh those French books and magazines. I so want to get some.

Shelleen said...

square 1 is a great start