Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank god it's Friday...... whoop whoop!!

I don't know why I feel that way as the weekend is not that big a deal - but for some reason I am really needing this one! The only plans are to go out garage sale-ing with Dale in the morning - and then a ton of stitching - exchanges mostly. Riding around with Dale is a trip - he already has the whole of the Sunset and Richmond districts all mapped out from matching addresses off of Craigslist and then slapping them into Google maps - that way we have streamlined the event without backtracking. He is very organized when pushed!! His Mom back in Grifton, NC (the home of the Shad Festival) - is the Queen of garage sales - and I have seen her and his sisters in action - truly an amazing site!! The only thing I am really looking for is another great basket - The three I have already are just brimming over with all my stitching treasures from the wonderful exchanges and gifties from all over. But you never really know what you might find out there so I am pretty open to looking around.

Last night I finished up one of the exchanges I have been working on - and even Rico said I need to make one for us!! That is a real vote of confidence as I sometimes think he pooh-poohs some of the things I make with my "sewing." I thought I would have to make a trip to Britex from some trim but in digging around in my stash I had the perfect match AND enough to finish it out with!! There have been times when I have a great match but it is usually a couple of inches short of the amount I need. After the finish I moved back to working on VoHRH for
the rest of the evening as I had an hour or so
- Here is the little bit I got done -

The second dogs eye looks weird without the stitch in it!!

The movies last night where a Netflix pick and an TCM pick - The Netflix selection was "Pygmalion" - 1938 with Leslie Howard (the year before he was Ashley Wilkes in GWTW) and Wendy Hiller - what a gorgeous picture and so well done!! This was the filmed version of George Bernard Shaw's play and the basis for the musical "My Fair Lady" - 1964. While watching the film it was hard not to be expecting the songs to pop up at the appropriate spot!! This B&W film has more social commentary than the musical but then again that was what the play was about - I would highly recommend this movie as both Hiller and Howard are top notch. This was only the second film for Hiller but she completely masters her character and you totally believe the caterpillar to butterfly evolution.

"Pygmalion" was followed by "Night of the Iguana" - 1964 - a film I always enjoy!! Yesterday was Ava Gardner Day on TCM - and this was the mid evening showing. With Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr - these three give stellar performances!! In fact for both Gardner and Kerr this is a true high point for their careers - both of them facing middle age - personally and professionally - the characters face it differently but spectacularly - the film is in glorious B&W and backed by a great score.

Now to the answers for the comments -

Tiddy-Kitty is the kitty cat the lives at work and takes care of the mice as they infiltrate this building - I am not too sure that she really cares about the mice as that may be more trouble than she wants to put into anything... usually she is just sitting around or lounging around waiting for some scratching and pats from everyone. She seems to live on my desk during the day as I usually have and electric fire going underneath to take the chill off - this makes the desk a pretty warm spot that I am sure she thinks is just for her.

A Pig Picken cake is a cake that Dale makes that I always see at BBQ's or have seen in the past - not out here in the wild west but back in NC - it is basically a yellow cake that has pineapple added to the mix. The finished cake is iced in whipped cream that has more pineapple tid-bits added - I have had it where coconut is also put in but since Dale does not like that he never adds it to either the cake part or the icing. I really like it and may be wrong about what is in it - I will find out tomorrow and report back if I got it wrong - which would not surprise me in the least.

I had an annual check up at the Dr's yesterday - how great is Dr. Knox by the way - can I get a woo woo!!! - But, everything is fine and I even lost some poundage!!! Will miracles never cease!!

I have rattled on enough today - have a great weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


valerie said...

I am so looking forward to the weekend over this one already. Only 8.5 more hours to freedom. Woohoo! Have fun garage sale hopping. Sounds fun! City seems like it'll be busy with that GGP music festival.

Glenna said...

LOL--the second dog's eye looks as if he LOOKIN' AT YOU......spooky! I've had pig picken cake when I lived in NC (Hickory--woot!). And good for you for losing poundage. I find if I'm busy with the needle, I'm not feeding my face, because who wants to wash greasy hands every time you put a morsel in your mouth to keep the fabric clean?

Monica said...

I loved your whoop whoop! It made me smile, and I needed that today! :) Edgar, you are just great! Love your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Your right the dog is really spooky but lovely stitched piece. have a great weekend garage saleing whenever i read your blog (which has been a good few you make me laugh. i love the way you think and speak on here and the commentraies of the films are great dont ever change .. it makes a really good read.

Coni said...

Don't you worry one bit about those pounds you lost....I found them and am keeping them warm and safe and dry for you! I wish I could tell you how much I love love love your blog, Edgar. I never watched movies before and am now addicted to TCM. And! I feel like I have my very own personal movie reviewer! Thanks for such a wonderful place to visit!

stitchenmylifeaway said...

Have fun at the garage sales. My DB makes a career of it and every Christmas he sends me a hug box of buttons. OMG don't want any buttons do you???? Interesting you like baskets I seem to collect them and don't know why. Love your blog stay happy have a great weekend.

Paisley said...

I second that whoop whoop!

Your VoHRH is looking sooo good! I'm jealous!

Aw! I love your description of Tiddy-Kitty! She sounds like a sweetheart! (Can you tell I'm a "cat person"?)

Have a great weekend!

DaisyGirl said...

I'm so glad you had a great checkup! Hope you find a basket that suits your needs!
I plan to have a restful weekend!
Starting next Friday, high school football, so the band will be there!
Here we go! BTW, Lizzy told me mine's done, so she is gonna get mine in the mail Monday! Cross your fingers I get it soon!

Yuko said...

Hi Edgar, your VoHRH is looking so beautiful!!

Sherry said...

Congratulations on the dr. visit and the weight loss!! Have a great weekend!

Einschies blog said...

Oh Edgar, have you ever made a pic of your baskets full of exchanges?? This would be fun to see,-))

Garage sales, we don´t know these in Germany, there are big flea markets but I guess I would love the smaller ones that a regular habit? I mean can you find garage sales easily??


Hazel said...

The VoHRH looks fab and that cake sounds rather yummy too. Hope I can remember about the sbbc as I am away the time you are putting up details. Please please don't let me forget lol. x