Monday, August 18, 2008

The weekend was....

A non-event - non-trauma and very low key!!!! Just like it should be! -
I worked both days at the bookstore so nothing too spectacular there.

The only stitching I got done was some on VoHRH -
here is a progress snap of that bit of work -

This square seems to stitch up really fast -
I think there is a mistake in the way the fence is on the chart and
I am changing that so that is is even -

There was a ton on movies this weekend - Netflix is back up and working and so I had a flick through the mail - "Miss Morison's Ghosts" - 1981 - with Wendy Hiller and Hannah Gordon. Based on a true story of time slipping - it takes place in 1910 when two educated English ladies see Marie Antoinette and others of the ancien regime at the Petit Trianon - the bulk of the movie is about the derision and consequences they suffer after coming back to England with their story. Very well done and worth a look. Saturday was Fred Astaire day on TCM - so after getting home form the store - I caught "Swing Time" - 1936, then "Roberta" - 1935 ...ending the evening with "Follow the Fleet" - 1936 - I always enjoy Fred Astaire in almost all of his movies and these three are top notch!! Yesterday was Gene Kelly day so last night after getting home there was another great line-up!! Starting off with "On the Town" - 1949, "Singing in the Rain" - 1952 - probably the best musical ever made - this was followed by - "Cover Girl" - 1944 - then rounding out the evening with - "It's Always fair Weather" - 1955 - all the movies are super!!
(I stayed up way too late watching this last one -
but who can pass up seeing Cyd Charisse and Dolores Grey!!)

Look at two of our Christmas Cactus plants -

That sucker is just covered in little buds - it does seem early to be so full - but these plants bloom heavily all year long - they should be really pretty by the middle of September.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care -


Nicola said...

That is really coming on fast Edgar. Your cactus is going to look beautiful when all those buds flower.

Paisley said...

Fabulous progress on your VoHRH! I'm going to have to get mine out again! You're such an inspiration!

Annemarie said...

Edgar, I can't believe that Christmas Cactus of yours! I've been looking for one for ages, since it is the only plant I can remember that actually lived under my care for years and years. When I went to the flower shop recently, they said these cactuses (cacti?) flourish when they're neglected. Well, that explains why mine survived for so long :o)
Lovely progress on VoHRH!

Heidi said...

I've been lurking about your blog for some time now and I can't believe how much stitching you do! How about having Rico videotape you stitching so we can see how fast your fingers must fly! It's truly amazing how much you get done in just one evening.

Sherry said...

I just love Christmas cactus but can never get them to live. I will try one more time when they become available at our store for the holidays!

DaisyGirl said...

Your cactus looks great!Glad you had a low key weekend. I like those myself!

Kendra said...

TCM had an awesome line-up this weekend! Fred is wonderful and I love his movies, but I *heart* Gene. I have such a huge a crush on him...nevermind he's dead and if he were alive, he'd be older than my grandparents. I can watch him for hours and never get bored.

I'd already seen all the Gene movies that were on yesterday, but I caught a few of them anyway, just because. Didn't mind watching Gene dance some more! :-)

Carol R said...

Great progress on VoHRH. And just look at those Christmas Cactus. Don't forget to post a picture of them in full flower!

Monica said...

How on earth do you get your Christmas Cactus plants to bloom??? My word, mine was in bloom when I first got it several years ago, and it has not bloomed since! I must be doing something terribly wrong! Tell me your secrets! ;)

Also, your stitching is beautiful! Just so perfect! I love your high resolution snaps, they make me smile, and your stitches are all so even and just perfect! And, I know, I already said perfect ;)

smiles to you!

Creative Chaos said...

Geat progress Edgar ,that house is gorgeous ..... and you're going so fast !!
Patti xx

Cheryl said...

Hi Edgar! Thanks for your comment last week regarding my RR. Rowyn in NZ has kindly agreed to stitch on my last square after you. You can either send it back to me or send it on to Rowyn? What would you prefer? Dont want you to incur any extra costs for postage or anything!
Just let me know anyway. Thanks Egdar :)

valerie said...

The cactus look lovely. I never heard of Christmas Cactus before. I will have to look at the nursery come holiday time. I'm having such a hard time keeping my blasted plants alive. A pretty cacti is right up my alley!

Kajsa said...

Nice progress on the Villages! Are you going to finish Villages before you are starting Shores?

Love the cactus!