Monday, August 4, 2008

Framing - stash - stitching - steam, and a cobbler

This weekend was pretty uneventful as I worked on Saturday at the bookstore
- more on that later..........

When I got home on Friday I had a message from Urban Forest that my Mom's sampler was finished and so we ran over to Alameda to pick it up.
I am really happy with the way it turned out - here is a snap -

Here is a close up of the frame -
it has a carved and washed look that goes really well with the piece -

Since we were over there how could I not make a quick stop over at NIAH -
here is a shot of the quick stash fix -

I also got in the mail on Friday my LHN - RR from Anna over at Stitch Bitch.
Here is a snap of the beautiful thing -

The picture bites but you get the idea - it is such a beautiful piece of needlework. Now I need to get it framed - but the funions right now are pretty low - as I am getting Christmas presents framed up so this will wait a while - but it is gorgeous and I couldn't be happier!!

The only stitching I did was on my VoHRH - and here is the progress snap for Monday -

Finished with the church and only have the trees and a little label
and then it is on to Square One.

Thank you all so much for you help in locating the "Le Jardin des Arbes" - I have written the publisher and sent out a couple of emails (no return emails yet) - But Julianne has jumped in there with an offer of a copy of the actual magazine... and YES - I would love to have it or at least borrow it - that is SO very nice of you and I can't believe the luck and generosity!!!!!! If you need my address again just drop me an email. Woo-Hoo!!!!!
I am jumping about with excitement!!!!!

Here are some thoughts about working this past Saturday - now most days at the bookstore are great but sometimes.....I just don't know .......what is it with "customers" who let their children run a-muck through a store and think that people working in the store are babysitters for their kids???.....What "customer" leave piles of books, magazines and just plain trash all over....and lounge about like they are at home!!!!! I understand it can be exciting for "children" to be in a store with so many things but really, lets try and control the screaming and running!!! Somebody has to pick those piles of books and magazines up and your trash is just that "YOUR TRASH!!!" put it in the obvious trashcans that are all over the place! Let us also remember that this is not your home, a bar or the back room of some cat house - treat it that way - keep your shoes on, remember the floor is just plain filthy and I have yet to see it stem cleaned properly and I have been there part time for about 5 years, it does get vacuumed but the things I have seen would turn your stomach!!!!!.... try to not block others from looking and keep your actions appropriate to your surroundings - basically you are in a public store and that is no place for making out or more - there are cameras and you are being filmed!! - Just some thoughts -
That was some blow off of steam!!!!

We got some really lovely peaches

which I turned into a cobbler - we had some friends over Saturday night and it was a big hit!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


Hazel said...

What a lot of eye candy Edgar!! Lovely stitching and can't believe you have that sampler stitched and framed already!!!!

Jean said...

The frame (and piece) is just gorgeous! I feel like I'm a slug when I see everything people are working on! I have been spending so much time reading blogs, I haven't done much stitching myself! It's addicting. I'm new to blogging and find myself drawn to see everything out there. Stop by my blog sometime! I'd love to hear from you!

staci said...

Your mother's Christmas present is Gorgeous! She's going to be thrilled with it :)

Love the way your RR turned out too.

Sherry said...

HRH is looking great and your mother's gift will totally thrill her! All your pictures are just making me drool!

And I totally agree about customers and stores! I worked in a fabric store for awhile and while most people are a pleasure to wait on, others are just horrors!

Monica said...

Beautiful stitching Edgar for your mom... it's gorgeous! The framing and matting selection perfect! I also love your RR! It's so pretty! I can't wait to see how you frame that! And your other stitching... at least it was just small area of white ;)

Now... as for the things you have to put up with at the bookstore... I am aghast! People are so self-involved that they just miss their impact on the world. It's so sad. :(

Anna van Schurman said...

Your momma's gonna love that! I'm glad you're pleased with the RR.

Jennifer/OH said...

The stitching is beautiful, as usual, but I got such a kick out the workplace story! A kick should be right in their....well, I'll leave that up to you. My workplace is the same. Athough it is centered on kids, safety is such a big issue. A gymnastics facility is not just a place to dump your kid to let them run wild, but I guess about 50% of the parents expect just that. Add some cheese and tomato sauce and it's Chucky Cheese's... NOT!!!
Great news about the French magazine. In my searching around I now feel that I must absolutely have a few issues of that beauty.

Nicola said...

Your sampler is lovely Edgar, and the frame is just gorgeous! Your RR looks wonderful, and you've made really good progress on VoHRH, bet you're glad to get that white stitching done! Great stash too.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your Mom's sampler looks gorgeous framed and I love that frame. I can't believe you already got the church stitched up on VoHRH, looks great ;)

Carol R said...

Lovely sampler in a beautiful frame - your mum is going to be so happy to get that in her Christmas stocking!

Your RR is beautiful - there's one that's returned to its rightful owner!

I don't blame kids for misbehaving in stores or wherever - I blame the parents!

Lisa said...

First time stopping by :-). The frame and mat are just perfect for that piece, its beautiful.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful stitching and great stash. Congratulations on your finished round robin; I'll bet your chuffed to bits.

Your mom is one lucky lady! She will adore her pressie.

I know exactly what you are speaking about the children in your store. People have zero common sense in public.

DaisyGirl said...

Wow, what a great present for your Momma! She will love it! Start watching for the mail, I've sent you a package! Any word on Quaker rr? I understand about people just leaving their trash. During band season, we have to clean the bleachers, ugg, why can't people just throw it away in the cans that are lined up and down the football field? Rant over!
Looks like a great stash shopping trip!

Nelapx said...

Ahhh works in a library ... why the comments ... I ask you please count me something more than you ... me encantaria know more about you ... Thank you. I researcher ... and you are on my list ... is that I devote myself to meet those of sbebb .. and you wish to know more you .. In working Rico? much wonder .. which is not even answer your favorite color?
that table for your mama stay spectacular

Kendra said...

Don't even get me started on John and Jane Q. Public's children. I cannot stand unruly kids who have not been taught to behave. I realize kids are kids and are not perfect, but there is a huge difference in a unruly kid with a parent who is trying to keep the child contained, and an unruly kid with a parent who doesn't care - or worse yet, thinks the unruliness is "cute" or "Little Johnny's way of expressing himself" or some other such utter bull. This is why I loathe public kid places, like the park or the playground or the pool. :-)

Cheryl said...

Thats great your RR is home safe and sound! It really does look so great Edgar!!
Love that framed piece for your mum too

Margie said...


Creative Chaos said...

So much eye candy, Edgar !!! I just Love your new stash !!!
Patti xx

Andrea said...

Edgar, thanks so much for telling me about your finish of this LBL design. Yours is GORGEOUS!! The frame and mat could not be more perfect! Gosh, now that I see how you did the initials and date in the cartouche, it really makes me believe I should undo my framed piece and redo it. I just can't imagine why I left that off in the first place....can't find the original chart I had to see what was going on....
Anyhoo...your finish was/is stunning, your Mom had to have loved it!