Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday was quite interesting

It was a really nice day here in the city so yesterday at lunch I just started walking towards the Civic Center and ended up at the Asian Art Museum - A gorgeous reuse of the old library building.

I knew there was a temporary exhibit called Ming Dynasty that I wanted to see - so in I went - and it is a lovely exhibit with such special and rare things - worth seeing if you are in SF before September 21st.

After leaving I walked through the weekly Farmers Market behind the museum -

This is the first guy you see as you walk into the area - then there was tons of great fruit - especially some lovely strawberries -

and some great veggies -

What's so nice about these sellers is that a majority of this produce was just gathered this morning and is just so fresh!!!

Last night I was working on Carol's Halloween RR and made the decision to restart the house I was stitching. the first pattern I chose was turning out to be way out of proportion to Carol's first house. Sop I pulled that what I had done out and went for another house instead.

I am really liking this much better as the other house was really grey and now this one I switched out the called for floss for "Cinders" and it looks really great!! It has quite a way to go but you get the idea. I am thinking of joining up with Vonna's MM&IRR -(I think this is a great idea!!) I have some ideas and have already made some sketches of the design... I am weakening......

The movie selection last night was a TV production called "All Passion Spent" - 1986 - with Wendy Hiller and Harry Andrews. It is a real tour de force production - adaptation of a Vita Sackville-West novel. The single DVD has all three parts of the story and is really worth seeing if you get the chance.

Have a great rest of the day!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


Wendy said...

Oh my.... kettle corn and strawberries to die for! Yum!

It's nice living in an area where you can just wander and "stumble" upon a cultural exhibit like the Ming Dynasty exhibit. I used to live in NYC and had the same type of experiences, but living in the Detroit area just isn't the same. I'm going to have to look up the DIA, however, and see what we might have in town.

Your piece is looking great!

Kajsa said...

Sounds like you had a really good day. I used to these kind of things all the time in Montreal, kind of miss it now.

You are off to a good start with the Halloween RR, love that house color.

karen said...

yum, kettle corn and strawberries. I wish we had a farmer's market here in Phoenix.

your piece of the RR is looking great along with the rest of it of course. great stitching as always!

Vonna said...

Carol's RR is looking great :) Your choice is perfect!
And I know you are becoming weaker, weaker, weaker by the moment...I just posted my blueprints....I am a woman possessed! And if you have already started are hooked :) I just need to reel you in....resistance is futile!

Annemarie said...

'Cinders' is a fabulous colour, I think, and especially suitable for Halloween RRs. I'm glad to read you're caving re. the Me, Myself & I RR :o)

Jennifer/OH said...

Don't tell me you didn't get any of the kettel korn? The fruits and veggies look great, but we have to set priorities here!

Tammy said...

Hi there Edgar! I've been seeing your name all over the place and finally found you. The Halloween RR is looking FABU! I love that design. I'll be back to visit for sure!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Edgar, what great farmer's market pics!

I am sure you would make a wonderful personal neighborhood.

I am going to email you tomorrow about the birthday club!

Sherry said...

Come on over and join us at Vonna's new neighborhood SAL! Come on Edgar! You know you want to! LOL! Besides I need your ideas and inspiration!

Joke said...

Lucky you, living in SF, I know (only through the www) the great collection of the Asian Museum and you just pop in there! In Drents Musuem Assen, the Netherlands, is an exhibit of the Terracotta Warriors. I went there last week and enjoyed it.

Love the other picture of RR to :)