Friday, August 1, 2008

Redwork arrives, Stitching at the Village and a HUGE request....

I heard from Tuula that the Redwork V piece from the SBEBB had arrived and now I can post some snaps from that exchange - here is the whole exchange -

and here is a a close up of the Pyn Keepe -

It is hard to see but there are coppery/gold coloured bead embellishments - I included some charts from her wish list to round out the exchange - The floss I used is WDW Indian Summer, a colour I really like!!!

I worked on the bushes on either side of the church - still avoiding the inevitable white stitching... and here is a progress snap -

I worked this while watching "Airport" - 1970 - probably the godmother of all the disaster movies that followed. It is a movie that I have seen before but still enjoy. The two standout performances are Helen Hayes and Maureen Stapleton.

Now, my request is - if anyone out there in the stitchy world can tell me how I can find a copy of a magazine called "Mains et Merveilles" - the issue No. 13. I was clicking through Blogs the other day and came across a French blog (that I forgot to write down) and found they were part of a SAL using this Mag and doing the piece called - "Le Jardin des Arbes" (The Garden of Trees) I have really fallen for this piece and now want to get my itchy paws on a copy of the chart - Soooo if anyone can help I would be most obliged -

Ruth - sorry to not have answered you till now - I am just a little forgetful. :) - in the snap at the top I am on the left and Rico is on the right - not the best picture - but it will do until I can get a better one.

Kendra - You got that - I have my TCM Guide all marked up with the movies I want to see - It looks like a great month with some super flicks!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


Wendy said...


I've just started to peek through this site, but glancing at the first two pages it looks like you can find all of the pieces of "Le jardin des arbres here:

Beautiful chart!! And I love the pynkeepe that you stitched.. that IS a gorgeous color!

Sherry said...

Lovely pinkeep!! I found this blog with some info about the piece. It is lovely!

Heidi said...

Hi Edgar,
The magazine Mains et Merveilles is published by Editions Saxe in France. I checked and it looks like issue no. 13 is available to order, but would have to call them to make sure that it has your pattern. Check here:

If I can be of any assistance, just let me know.


Monica said...

Wow! That Garden of Trees is a lovely lovely pattern! I emailed the blog owner that Wendy listed, as on the bottom it says "you can contact me (to send photos of my grids embroidered or for sal)" so being the geek I am, I used the google translate and asked her some questions on the pattern and chart! I'll let you know if she emails back! :) Maybe she'll send the grids!?! Who knows. If not, Heidi is the super sleuther and found the issue and contact!

You've got smart blog readers Edgar! Way to go ladies! :)

Sally said...

That is a lovely pinkeep Edgar.

What a lovely piece Le jardin des arbres is. I wouldn't mind stitching that myself. Hope you have some luck finding it. Violarium have those magazines but I don't see that issue on their site.

Creative Chaos said...

Jeez, edgar , that pinkeep is fantastic !!! Love it !!
Patti xx

Julianne said...


If none of your leads pan out, I have this issue that was sent to me by my friend Arcadia in France. I'd gladly lend it to you. It's convenient because we live pretty close.

Great exchange piece that you did!

Carol R said...

Beautiful pynkeepe!
Good luck with the magazine search

Anonymous said...

i think your stitching is gorgeous Edgar keep up the good work it looks divine.. That pynkeepe is divine i love it absolutely beautiful..

Monica said...

Just letting you know I have not heard anything yet from the blogger/stitcher.... my email probably got hidden in spam. Lucky for you Julianne posted! :) I can't wait to see if how you stitch this! :)

Teri said...

Which came first - the trim or the floss for the pyn keepe? They were made for each other! Beautiful work!!

CraftyT said...

That Pyn-keep is so very pretty. I love the colors used..

I have begun to read the books you sent to me. Thank you SO much I am only one the 1st one. Where she is in Paris and has just married. I love the stlye of writting used. It really is a wonderful book :)

Kajsa said...

What a pretty pynkeep! Nice progress on Villages

Lennu said...

Edgar, your pinkeep is gorgeous!

This issue of Mains & Merveilles magazine is definitively out of print and publisher doesn't have it anymore for sale. It's a pity as it was a lovely issue! I hope you'll still be able to find this issue somewhere, the design is beautiful.