Friday, August 29, 2008

Resistance was futile!!!

I have thrown in with the "MM&IRR" that Vonna has set up. I spent a giant portion of the day yesterday sitting at my desk and sketching out ideas..... I think I have a grip on the overall theme - Winter/Christmas - that will give me a lot of avenues to work and pull together something that I'll like - I seem to have a lot of charts with a winter and Christmas feel to them. Now I need to solidify the plans .....
since I have nothing else to occupy my stitching time!! Ha - Ha - ha!!!

Last evening I worked on Carol's RR and I really like the way it is coming along
- kinda dark and creepy!! - here is a snap -

I am using WDW Caper as the secondary colour (one of my favs) and and GAST Black Coffee for the roof. This linen is just great and stitches a dream - I keep thinking of swirling foggy evenings the whole time I am working on it.

The flick last night was "Let's Make Love" - 1960 Just two years away from her death Marilyn Monroe stars in this light musical with Yves Montand. A nice movie - not the best and there are way worse films to watch but overall it is a nice piece of fluff and very watchable.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Labor Day... I'll see you on Tuesday!!!

Take care,


Carol R said...

Carol's RR is looking great - the fabric does look 'foggy'!!

Paula said...

The RR looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Carol's RR looks really good. It has a real spooky feeling about it.

Vonna said...

It is looking so good! And I bet it will be all done by Tuesday :)

Seize the Day Edgar...because you realized that Resistance WAS futile!

Kendra said...

Love your house on Carol's RR...the color is very creepy (but pretty...if a Halloween RR is allowed to be pretty).

I also discovered that resistance is futile when it came to Vonna's RR idea. *sigh*

Creative Chaos said...

Woww, that looks great !! Love the colors you chose for the house .. they are so mysterious !!
Patti xx

Sherry said...

LOL Edgar! So glad you joined our neighborhood!! I can't wait to see your progress on it! How about sharing your plans? The RR is looking great!