Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A "TarHeel" Basket of Goodies, stash and stitching

I have a wonderful friend living in Raleigh, NC - we have been friends for going on 20+ years - We have kept in touch over the years - and send each other little presents from time to time - about a week ago I got an email to look out for something coming and yesterday this gigantic box arrived and out poped this -

I knew it was from Jimmy as he had said it was coming from " A Southern Season" in Chapel Hill. Opening up the case and box- -

The "NC Travel" case was packed full of goodies from the Old North State!!! What a super thing to do a what great reminders of things "northcarolinian."

I also got a couple of charts I won on eBay -

eBay is a very bad habit of mine -
there are so many great little things out there and I just love a sale!!

I worked on VoHRH last night like I didn't have other things to be working on - :)
Here is a snap of Square 2 -

Almost there - just the leaves on the last tree and then it is on to Square 1.

Still trying to get up with the vanished stitcher from the QFRR - not having much luck!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

take care,


Wendy said...

wow... what an amazing gift! How fun to wax nostalgic on North Carolina as you get your snack on. Yum!

I just love the stained glass windows in that VoHRH church, Edgar! It's looking fabulous!

Sherry said...

What a great NC goodie box! I was born and raised in NC and lived here all my life and I never get enough of this state!

Loving your progress on HRH!

Carol R said...

A great gift from NC and a lovely stash buy from ebay! Don't we just love bargains?

VoHRH is looking good.

valerie said...

VoHRH is coming along nicely. You managed to get through the white very fast! I don't like stitching white either.

And it was really nice of Jimmy to send you some NC nostalgia.

I hope that all turns out well with your QFRR issue.

Andrea said...

What a wonderful gift!

You certainly love a bargain, some great charts from ebay.

VoHRH is looking wonderful too.

Mãe da Rita said...

Hello! I'm your reader since a few months and I'm linking you, if there's no problem. I'm from Portugal and I have a babyblog and the reason I don't do more crosss stitch it's the baby, lol! I love your quaker works and your photos, it's nice to read from other countries and peoples; one day, I would like to visit your beautiful city... Make me a visit, try to read one translation, see my works (see the tutorial) if you have some time. Thanks for sharing your life and bautiful works! Hugs! Maria-João

Michele said...

what a fun package from NC :) Nice to have a little something from home.

Ohhhh I love your Ebay finds .. I've never seen those Halloween charts before .. I must find them! lol

DaisyGirl said...

Ohhh, share the love Edgar! Send any and all chocolate to me!! hahaha
Those are cute little designs. I've not seen them before. Village is looking great by the way!
feel for e-I'll be back t work tomorrow! my summer's gone :(
Gosh, I'm such a wus!

Stitches 'N' Stones said...

Love the VoHRH and am so enjoying seeing it come to life. I too enjoy Ebay, in fact, you won something I meant to bid on a few weeks ago, lol (Mary Garry, I think)!

Margaret said...

I absolutely LOVE a Southern Season. My sister lived near there for a while and when I'd visit, we'd go over and get wonderful goodies! They have an orange-scented coffee (which I can't remember the proper name for) that I adore! What a nice friend!

Creative Chaos said...

A great gift from a great friend, Edgar !! And the VoHRH is awesome !!!
Patti xx

Itching To Stitch said...

Nice goodies you received.

Good for you for spelling Isaiah correctly on your Village ;)

moomoo said...

Hi Edgar, glad to know that you have received my package. It's a joy stitching this exchange for you.

Happy Stitching