Friday, August 8, 2008

VOHRH Stitching, LHN-RR arrivers and some movies

Working some more on the Village -

I did not even realize until I uploaded the snap right now that I left out the word "Hill." How sleepy was I last night stitching???? Because I worked the verse first then moved on to the corner motif then to the line before I put it away last night...
.I'll get that tonight, but jeez what a ding!!! :)

Yesterday I got in the mail from Donna -
Cheryl's LHN RR and here is a snap of how that is coming along -

Cheryl wanted the stitchers to include a house - I have a couple of charts I am going to combine and probably fill in the top right corner.

Yesterday was Greta Garbo day at TCM and they showed two great flicks of hers - starting off with "Camille" - 1936 - with co-star Robert Taylor this super movie is just great!!! Great production, gowns by Adrian, direction by George Cukor and supported by Lionel Barrymore and Laura Hope Crews (who went on to play Aunt Pittypat in GWTW - 1939) You just don't get much better than this!! The second Garbo film I watched was "Grand Hotel" - 1932 the first time an All Star cast was really put together for a feature film. Just a great film that won the Best Picture Academy award for 1932. Both films are classic and absolutely worth seeing if you've not seen them!! Between these two flicks I watched a Netflix DVD - (TCM showed "Ninotchka" which I have seen a ton of times but I needed to get the DVD back in the mix) The DVD was "Becoming Jane" - 2007 with Anne Hathaway, who I really enjoy seeing. This is about the early life of that great author Jane Austin. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it as very watchable!!! If you like Jane Austin you will certainly enjoy this bio-pic that makes her a very human person - the film co-starred Maggie Smith (great as usual), James Cromwell, James McAvoy and Julie Walters.

and now some comments from the comments -

Carol R - I have not looked for the chart on the site, but that is where Linda said she found it - I will try and find it....

Mary - I know - this stash addiction of mine is completely out of control!!! :)
- but it keeps me off the streets!!

Jennifer - The ornament is from Homespun Elegance and is the 2008 Sampler Ornament called "ABC Noel House" I really liked it because of the reindeer.

I love those comments/questions - Thanks!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, Have a great weekend!!!!

Take care,


CraftyT said...

The village is looking wonderful. And I really like the LHN RR how neat that will look when completed.

I would LOVE to one day participate in a RR :)

Monica said...

laughing inside at your comment "How sleepy was I last night stitching???" totally hysterical! That's exactly how I would say it! Love you Edgar! Beautiful stitching, thanks for sharing! :)

karen said...

stitching is looking great! and i thought i was a fast stitcher, you have seriously smoking needles! hugs karen

valerie said...

Becoming Jane was great! I like Anne Hathaway. Maggie Smith is a wonderful actress...I love her in everything and well...I think James McAvoy is hot! :)

You stitch so fast! I still don't get how you do this when watching movies. I always miss something important and have to keep rewatching parts.

Sherry said...

LOL I had to laugh about you leaving out a word. I have done that more than once, myself!!

Creative Chaos said...

Your needle must be smoking, Edgar !! Great stitching !!
Patti xx

Itching To Stitch said...

This square looks great ;)

Shelleen said...

The Village looks great and I like that RR.

moomoo said...

To those who likes the 'animal' design that I stitched for Edgar, it is called Jardin Enchanteur. You might want to visit Dany's blog at You will need to write in and request for it.
Happy stitching to all!

Annemarie said...

As long as you don't leave out the word 'Hill' altogether, it doesn't make much of a difference. You should see what I did with Block number five! Had to change the entire lay-out because I was ONE STITCH off in the beginning!