Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Stuff

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends another short weekend ends and a long week begins.  This weekend just flew by - whoosh!! But, don't they all!!  Ours was completely slow and easy.  Doing nothing very strenuous.  We did all the regular things we normally do - laundry, vacuuming, load the dishwasher then unload the dishwasher then do it again (that never seems to end!!) We did our usually run to the super market Saturday morning - with a stop first at Noah's Bagels - gotta have a challah roll and bacon!!  We found some quite delicious things.....
There where locally grown fresh cherries - again!!  I totally thought the season was over - so of course we bought a bag.

Rico and I love ice cream and although he really only likes vanilla bean - I love trying all the different flavours they come out with.  This Fleur de Sel we found last week was still in stock so we got more this week - it is simply delicious!!!  If you like vanilla with caramel and little tiny chocolate salted caramels sprinkled throughout -  then this is for you - I am totally hooked - that is until the Pumpkin ice-cream comes out in a few weeks......

We also were talking Thanksgiving - it is just around the corner - and we both had read articles recently of the "shortage of pumpkin" that is supposed to happen this Fall.  Now whether this is true or not who knows..... as we walked down the baking isle - we saw that the large section of canned pumpkin was almost empty - where there could have been 2 or 3 dozen cans on the shelf there where only three cans of the stuff - I grabbed one of the three and thought I would pass the info along.  Even the pourable pie mix in a can was basically all gone - there was only a single can of that on an empty shelf.  I have tried both fresh pumpkin and canned pumpkin in pies and I can not tell the difference - So, it could be just people are all reading the same article and all of us are panicking or there really could be less pumpkin out there for pie!

Usually after the early morning excursion to the store and then dropping off the groceries at home we head on out to the Estate Sales - and there where some out there this weekend - but, we skipped them all.  Instead we drove on over to Alamo Square and spent some time walking around that park.  It was a lovely day, cool breezes and bright blue skies where perfect for some time to just walk.  I had my camera and took these snaps.....

This great old house is now a B&B and over looks the the Square from the NW corner.

A great view of the city from the square

 A path through some of the old trees.

Looking east from the square you get this iconic snap of the Six Sisters or painted ladies and the city in the background....

... from the same spot I turned around and took a snap of the tourists taking the same picture.  This square gets 100's of visitors a day all getting this same shot of the houses and city -

Walking up the hill away from Steiner street and the painted ladies you get this view looking west toward the ocean - and all the fog rolling in over the city and Sutro tower to the left.

Another path walking towards the doggies 1/2 of the square - this is where you can run your dogs off leash.

Looking north along Scott street to the beginning of our walk.  We used to live in this neighborhood and Alamo Square is where we walked the who hounds.

I Baked up this coffee cake yesterday...

I'll get the recipe up in the morning.

I also got in some stitching.  I finished up the stitching my exchange pieces - and -  I also stitched up Part I of Carol' Mystery SAL.  Here is a snap -

I am using a piece 32ct Sand - and the silks are HDF Ox Blood and Blueberry Soup in the little elongated Algerian Eyes.  Not too sure about those....... I might just have to frog those out.........

That's about it for today sports fans!  Thanks for topping by, do come again.

Take care,


Kathy said...

Lovely photos of the park and the views. Thank you so much for sharing.

The coffee cake looks yummy. :) I'll be watching for the recipe.

BrendaS said...

Edgar -
Sounds like you had a great weekend! Love the pictures you took of SF. Beautiful city:))

Penny said...

You live in a beautiful city. I heard the same thing about pumpkin-hope it isn't true. Delicious looking coffee cake.

Margaret said...

Ok, I'd better check out the pumpkin supply in the store when I go grocery shopping tomorrow. Thanks for the warning! Pumpkin pie is needed for Thanksgiving!

Love the pics of the park -- such a beautiful place you live in. The coffee cake looks so yummy. It has tons of my favorite thing on it -- icing! lol! Have to look out for that ice cream too. yum!

I like your version of Carol's mystery sampler. It looks really pretty to me!

valerie said...

Shortage on pumpkin?! No! I'm adding it to my grocery list right now.

Great start on Carol's SAL!

Gabi said...

Is that square somewhere where a famous row of houses it? Called something ladies? I could be so terrible wrong but I thought I recognize it from when we visited San Francisco in 2004 for couple of days. Such a beautiful city.
Never ate salty caramel (nor salty ice cream)...may be I should give that a try.
Your stitch along looks absolutely lovely. LOVE the colors you chose. Your cake looks very yummy to.

Lisa S said...

I always love seeing pictures of SF and of the Painted Ladies! Thanks for posting them ;)
I definitely have to look around for the fleur de sel ice cream. I have heard that salted caramels are yummy!
The pumpkin shortage news has been going on for the past few years. So every time I see canned pumpkin in the store I buy a few cans lol Not for pumpkin pie but for the most delicious pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. My DH who doesn't like pumpkin pie actually loves the bars...go figure! lol
Your coffee cake looks delicious!

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely snaps of the park, Edgar. It's gorgeous!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. Your cake looks good, and I love those colors in your stitching. They're fab!!

Carol R said...

Great pics of your beautiful city!
Love your start on the SAL. There are pictures now up on my blog of the first 25 finishes of Part 1.

Peggy Lee said...

Always enjoy the pictures of where you live. Such a beautiful place!

I also drool over the pics of your baked goodies. Will be looking for the recipe for that one.

I hope you decide not to frog out those Algerian eyes. I think they look great but I also know how it is when something just doesn't sit right with you. You need to be happy with your stitched piece!

CarolG said...

On the East Coast there is already a pumpkin shortage...I haven't been able to get canned pumpkin since last January. Someone made me a pumpkin pie with a wonderful recipe for a Christmas party. They gave me the recipe and I haven't been able to get pumpkin to make it. The top is covered with walnuts. I check every time I go to the store and believe me I will buy ten cans if I see it.

Milly~ said...

Great photos of the city!

Sharon said...

What a delightful post to start the week with! Lovely pictures and great info about the pumpkin. I can't wait until I can get my hands on some of that heavenly pumpkin ice cream that I love so very much!! :)
Beautiful start on your stitching - I always love watching your projects "bloom"! :)

marly said...

Thanks for the photos and tour. I've never been out your way. Stitching looks good, but there you go with the goodies again. Every time I see one of your cakes I want to bake!!!

Faye said... fair...I cant get that ice cream out of my head now!! teehee...And, I missed out on Carols SAL...I had seen your thread selection on her blog and its perfect. Can't wait to see more as things unfold!!! Take care, Faye

Veronica said...

Lovely pictures. Thanx for sharing. Love the colours you picked for the SAL. Aren't they a lovely combination? I'm using those exact colours for one of the samplers I'm stitching too.

And This Little Pig said...

Ice cream is evil :D Wonderful photos of a beauitful city.
LiBBiE in Oz

Sherry said...

Love the pictures of the park. I am starting to pick up things for Thanksgiving too. Got to do it a little at time or that one meal will take up half the grocery budget!

I can't wait to see more of the mystery sampler.