Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing Tourist Down by the Bay - (Lots of Snaperoos)

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends our weekend followed in the footsteps of many others - we visited a few Estate Sales - I picked up a large roaster and a great old double boiler - not picture worthy by any stretch of the imagination.  Yesterday we got up[ an went to early mass - stopped off at Eddies' for a quick breakfast and skedaddled off for a good stretch of the legs down at the Ghiradelli Square, Pier 39 and Hyde Street Pier.

 We parked up by Larkin Street and the Square - it was early and there was still lots of parking.  then we walked down to the wharf....
Looking at Hyde Street Pier from the street...

The Balclutha an 1886 square rigged sailing ship.

The Hercules, a 1907 steam tug boat.

The Eppleton Hall, a 1914 paddlewheel tug boat

The large white boat is The Eureka, a 1890 side-wheel paddle steam Ferry Boat.

Looking from the end of Hyde Street Pier at the stern of the Balclutha towards the City

Looking up Hyde Street - and the cable car line.

This is the C. A. Thayer,  an 1895 schooner.

After walking around and seeing these great old ships we continued to walk east to Pier 45... and the next things to come on are.. the USS Pampanito submarine.  There is also...

this super Liberty Ship from WII, the SS Jeremiah O'Brien.  One of only 2 left that actually operate.

Also at Pier 45is the Musee Mecanique.  There are dozens of old and antique machines that only take change to operate.

These posters and pictures show where the Musee once was - over at Playland.  click HERE to read about a once great recreational park here in SF.

There is also lots of restaurants and street food - specializing in seafood....

... and fresh fish.....

a shot of the Jeremiah O'Brien I liked.

Here is some of the super architecture - The Franciscan Restaurant on the water in the heart of Fisherman's wharf.

Looking out from Pier 39 we saw a huge - Cruise ship in dock

the ever present sea lions....

...juts sunbathing... and being loud....  they are fun to watch!!

there goes one of the Blue and Gold line Tour ships - that tour out on the Bay.

Walking back to the car we passed the huge Boudin Bread Restaurant/Factory where you can watch them make the famous sourdough bread.

There you go sports fans - our Sunday jaunt in the city.  It was a great day out - starting off all foggy and dank then the sun came out and it warmed up to the mid 70's - perfect SF weather!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos,Edgar! I really want to go back to S.F.! What a lovely, interesting city! Thanks, Nancy D.

Susan said...

Thank you for the tour of the Fisherman's Wharf area - it was just what I needed on a Monday.

Shelly said...

Great pics! I am now hungry for sourdough bread toast slathered with butter! That's how I like to eat it. I had a layover of 3 hours some years ago in San Fran on my way to my grandmas in Seattle. I especially remember taking off over the water, eek! That was a bit hair raising, lol.

valerie said...

Great picks! I love Musee Mechanique and is one of the crazies that will make Laughing Sal laugh over and over again. She's kind of scary...but funny. Did you know the Balcutha will have shanty singalongs? Those are fun to do once in a while.

Looks like you had a nice weekend!

marly said...

Thank you for the photos with links. I got a great tour and learned something at the same time!

Rachel S said...

Thank you for the cyber-tour

BrendaS said...

Great pictures Edgar! Thanks so much for sharing:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Edgar,
I am Vonna's mother from Indiana.

I really enjoyed your tour of SF you did an awesome job with your pictures.

The last time I was at Fisherman Wharf was in 2008 and like you I spent a lot of time enjoying the sea lions. You could spend hours there watching them.

I really enjoy your blog, Vonna sent me the link and I have been reading it the past few weeks.

Have a great week, I will be checking in on you again.


sandra said...

Love reading your cyber tours. Makes we want to go back to San Francisco sooo much. Sandra from Australia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being such a sharing soul Edgar. I have been lurking for a month now since I retired and just love these moments with you and your fans.
Dottie J.

Lisa S said...

Thank You so much for the wonderful tour of Fisherman's Wharf! I always enjoy your tours!

Sherry :o) said...

Oh the seafood must be fantastic. I love the sea lion pics and the boats are really neat - but is that THE Ghiradelli? How awesome is that!

Looks like you had a marvelous Sunday. Hope your week is just as nice!

DonnaTN said...

What a fun day! Thanks for sharing all those great photos.

Peggy Lee said...

Always love your pics Edgar. Thanks for the tour. I appreciate the time it takes for a post like this.

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pics. They're wonderful and both my husband and I enjoyed them very much!

Akila said...

Wow, what a lovely day you seem to have had. Lovely pictures of the pier. Especially loved the bread factory view.

Angela said...

Look at all those sea lions!!!! When my daughter and I visited in July for her birthday trip, there was one lonely sea lion and a sign saying they were off nesting (or whatever it is called when they go off to have their bablies.) She is going to die when I show her your pic. :)

Thanks for sharing!