Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Other Weekend Things

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends, thank you so very much for all your kind comments about my 1000th post.  I really do enjoy blabbering on and will not be going anywhere anytime soon - so you will have to put up with me and my postings for a bit longer!! 

On Sunday I baked up a really delicious (if I do say so myself) Lemon blueberry cake.  The recipe came from The Country Cook Blog, a wealth of wonderfulness, she had a guest Blogger, Rhondi from Big Mama's Home Kitchen who shared it with us all.  It was this recipe that I made - in honor of July, Blueberry Month.  Here is a snap of what I made....

I picked up the blueberries from the Farmers Market in the morning and made the cake in the afternoon - it is really moist a delicious.  I will get the recipe up over at BBB in the morning, but you can click over to The Country Kitchen for it right now.  Go check out both Blogs as they are just super!!!!

Over the weekend I got a DVD of the HBO TV Film called "Into the Storm: Churchill at War" - 2009 - starring Brendan Gleeson and Janet McTeer.  This was a great film that continued the story from the film "The Gathering Storm" that shows a different angle to the man and his relationship to his wife and his life towards the end of the war.

Gleesan and McTeer as Winston and Clemmie from "Into the Storm"

I really enjoyed McTeer's performance and had seen her in a top notch film called "Songcatcher" - 2000.  Both "Into the Storm" and "Songcatcher" are great movies and I would recommend them both.

There you go sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by, do come again!!!

Take care,


Gabi said...

That looks delicious!!! It's a pity that the husband won't eat anything blueberry...sigh.
Hmmm....I might give it a try anyway and tell him the berries fell accidentally in the batter? I did that before...lol.

diamondc said...

Oh Edgar your treat looks so yummy, I can almost taste it, blueberries are so good for your health good choice. I bet the with butter it was sooooo good.
Thank-you for the post about Churchill, I shall look for this movie.

riona said...

Thanks yet again for reminding me of a great movie. I'll have to put Songcatcher on my Netflix cue. When it first came out, Bill and I purchased the soundtrack on cassette tape ... I'll have to see if that's available on CD now. There was some phenomenal music in that movie.

Lucy said...

I'm going to the blueberry festival in South Haven MI....may have to try that recipe when I return!

Akila said...

OOhh, looks yummy. Have some dry blue berries, would try my hand at this

Cathy Pavlovich said...

That does look delicious, and the plate is very pretty too! Your blog is a great place to visit.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks for the movie recommendations Edgar. I'll have to have a look see. Your cake looks good, and I don't even like blueberries, lol. Glad you had a good day though!

Rhondi said...

So glad you liked my Blueberry and Lemon Yogurt Cake Edgar. Thanks for the link back to my blog. I need to post the recipe when I get a chance. Your cake looks like it turned out great!

Big Mama's Home Kitchen

Margaret said...

Your baking looks so luscious -- as usual! As for that movie about Churchill -- ok, I'm putting it on my netflix list for sure! Sounds so interesting!

Lana said...

And I can expect my lemon blueberry cake in the mail when? Just kidding! But that looks amazing!!

Jackie said...

I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at your lemon blueberry cake!

Sherry :o) said...

The blueberry lemon cake looks awesome. Went to both blogs to look for the recipe and couldn't locate it (I see in Big Mama's comment it's not posted yet)...but did you see the Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies on Big Mama's blog...OH MY GOODNESS! I have to make those soon...will keep checking Blacksheep Bakes for BL Cake - thanks for the post!! Yum :o)

The Country Cook said...

Hi Edgar! So happy you liked Rhondi's recipe. It really is delicious. I sent her a message so she would know how much you liked it. Thank you, as always, for the mention!

secondhandrose said...

Great looking cake.
I also enjoyed the Songcatcher film.