Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Stop at Harrison and 24th Street

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thank you all for the encouragement about the sampler - I hope not to disappoint - I think I solved the border problem yesterday -  I am charting the sampler to fit one of my old frames so there are some size constraints and I want to include lots and lots of stuff.  I am having to cut many things... which says to me that there actually might be another "edgar sampler " in the future - who knows???

We made a stop down in the Mission to pick up some things - and of course I had my camera so I got some snaps to share - 

We saw this new mural - or new to me, decorating the wall at this outdoor cafe - notice there is nobody outside enjoying the cold "sunshine."  The wind was a howling and chilly.

Our favorite shop to get Latino foodstuffs now has a wall of great pickings - including some new bins of bulk things.....

... and a whole range of dried peppers - these bins a really amazing and quite beautiful.

Then it was over to "our" panderia for some treats.... 

these crunchy. sweet treats are usually gone by the time we make it there after work, but yesterday there was an entire new tray of them that had just been put in the case.

I just finished up a great little book called "Immoveable Feast"  by John Baxter.  

A true story of an Australian ex-pat living in Paris with his French wife - who takes on the cooking of the traditional Christmas dinner.  A loved this little book - it has everything I like - true story, set in France - during the Christmas season.  You follow him searching and gathering up the perfect bits and pieces for the dinner - with some great flashbacks to earlier Christmases.  I would highly recommend this book.

There you go sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by - do come again!!

Take care,


Cindy's Stitching said...

great pictures Edgar. I love all of the food pictures. The mural is really nice. You have some great shop to buy things where you live.

Sherry :o) said...

Good morning, Edgar!

Boy am I going to miss reading your blog early in the day when I return to work soon...I will be reduced to catching up two or three times a week ... but I will have a real paycheck!

I put the book on my "need to read" list which seems to grow faster than "the already read" list...never enough time.

Have a great day - it's almost the weekend!

Berit said...

Wow!! What a great bold, and colorful post! Do you think the book would make a good audio book? I am really in need of one right now.

I don't think I commented, but this is exciting news about your sampler! Can't wait to see it or your frame for it. :D

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness! More wonderful pictures! There seem to be so many murals around SF -- and they're all so pretty too! I'll have to look up that book you recommend -- sounds great!

DonnaTN said...

Great pics of yummy treats and the book sounds like something I'd enjoy.

Susan said...

Great pictures - those pastries look yummy!

Gabi said...

Great pictures. But now I need to go to the kitchen to bake something. And I'll totally blame you for that!!!
Wishing you a great weekend and lots of good food, fun with friends, and of course stitching time