Friday, August 19, 2011

A Movie and a Book

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thank you all so very much for all the kind comments about my sampler endeavour and the little bit of border I posted.  I stitched away on more of the border last night and will work on the piece this weekend.  I'll post another snap on Monday that I hope will be a bit more interesting.

There is a super book and movie I wanted to mention today. 

First up the book - called "If You Lived Here I'd Know Your Name" by Heather Lende. ..........

Here is a description that tells about the book - "Tiny Haines, Alaska, ninety miles north of Juneau, is accessible mainly by water or air--and only when the weather is good. There's no traffic light and no mail delivery; people can vanish without a trace; and funerals are community affairs. As both obituary writer and social columnist for the local newspaper, Heather Lende knows better than anyone the goings-on in this breathtakingly beautiful place. Her offbeat chronicle brings us inside her busy life: we meet her husband, Chip, who owns the local hardware store; their five children; and a colorful assortment of friends and offbeat neighbors, including aging hippies, salty fishermen, native Tlingit Indians, as well as the moose, eagles, sea lions, and bears with whom they share this wild and perilous land."  It is a great book!!

The movie was a Netflix DVD and when I put it on my Queue IO was a bit leery. It is called "Ike: Countdown to D-Day" -2004 - a made for TV movie starring Tom Selleck as General Eisenhower.  

I guess it is my preconceive notions of Tom Selleck that brought on the raised eyebrow.   Although he looks nothing like the General  I was pleasantly surprised and taken with this film about the 90 days leading up to June 6 1944.  I have seen just about all the D-Day films out there and there are some great ones.  But, usually you do not see all the back story leading up to the event.  This film covers that period from the point of view of  the top leadership and the hard decisions that had to be made to make the Allied Invasion of Normandy code named "Operation Overlord a success.  Even if you don't like war type films - I would recommend seeing this just for the acting and the story of how Eisenhower dealt with all the top brass and politicians  - I rate it as excellent and well done!

That's all for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by  - have a great weekend and do stop again!!

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Rachel S said...

I can recommend that book. It's really good!

riona said...

The book sounds like the old Northern Exposure TV series which, incidentally, I have on DVD. I'll have to search out the book and read it. I am sure we can find it on some of the book sites, either B&N Out-of-print or Amazon. I bet my husband would enjoy it as well.

Peggy Lee said...

I will have to see that movie but I will have to rid my mind of Magnum P.I first. I did my 6th grade balance beam routine to the theme from that show. Yikes...I think I just dated myself.

Have a great weekend Edgar.

valerie said...

Sounds like a great book! I'm going to have to look for it at the library. :)

Berit said...

Man, you've got me wanting to check out both of these! I just got an email from my Library that Immovable Feast is in for me to pick up, too!

Also, I missed my chance to say so yesterday, but great work on the Pomegranates--they look gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the recommendations Edgar...I'm adding that movie to my Netflix queue. I enjoy war and historical movies. This made me think about the MacArthur movie with Gregory Peck - another good one.

Have a great weekend!

DonnaTN said...

Thanks for the 2 recommendations. Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to your sampler progress.

Denise said...

That sounds like a book that I would really enjoy!
'Countdown to D-Day' is one of my favorites - I love WWII history, especially D-Day and it's planning.
I agree - I was so surprised that Tom Selleck made such a good Eisenhower! It's a great film.
Thanks for sharing...

Lynn said...

This books sounds like a great read. I'll have to search this one out. I haven't seen the movie before either so I'll add that one to the list too. Thanks!

KimV said...

I will take your recommendation and see if the library has the book... it sounds really good!

mdgtjulie said...

I'll have to check and see if my library has the book or the movie. Both sound good Edgar. Thanks for the heads up!!

Sherry :o) said...

My hubby's kind of movie - I will have to let him know. The book sounds right up my alley! Thanks for the suggestion.

Can't wait to see your progress on your challenge sampler.