Thursday, November 1, 2007

VOHRH Stitching

Yesterday my Mom called all flustered that I had not called to tell her I was OK from the earthquake. She gets so worried about what she hears on the news in Florida. As do I when I hear something about Florida here in SF, I guess we are just a bunch of worriers. I also think that with the upcoming Halifax Art Festival (45th Year) this weekend that she is distracted with Museum Guild things and volunteer coordination that she has been working on.

Last night I worked on the finishing of the secret stitchy thing. I also worked on VOHRH and was visited be rippty ripper the frog. I had the first two floors of bricks down and then began to work up the third floor and found that I was off a thread. Now I sat there working back trying to find where I shifted over a thread and it was all the way back to the first floor. When I found the spot and saw that I would not be able to "just leave it" as I would always see the shift...I resigned myself to pulling out the second floor. After removing quite a bit of stitching I packed that sucker up and went to bed!! Here is a snap of where it stands now....

Commenting on a comment ----Staci - I also have the three disc set of Peanuts Holiday cartoons. My friend Don gave them to me for my birthday, and I totally enjoy them. I watch Christmas specials and movies all year long. :)

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staci said...

Those pesky little frogs can be so frustrating!!!

Vonna said...

That just stinks when something like that happens...but no really looks great :)

Sherry said...

Don't ya just hate it when something like that happens!! You are still making wonderful progress!