Wednesday, October 31, 2007

100th Post!!!! Happy Halloween

I can't believe it but this is my 100th post. Little did I know when I started this that I would enjoy babbling about my stitching and life. I think that this type of journal writing has some really cathartic moments. Just being able to vent sometimes is wonderful. I also like to see the progress on the pieces that I am working on. I have also met such nice people out there that I would have not known and that alone is worth doing this blog!!!! I find it so nice to just sit and write something while it is quiet in the early morning before the day begins. I treat it as a waterfall of contemplation just washing away things by writing/typing them down, yapping about what is going on in my life and seeing that things are really alright and that through vetting them in a blog I am moving forward and growing.

All that aside....last night we had an earthquake of about 5.9 centered down around San Jose. I was just sitting there settled into watching "The Great Pumpkin," don't you just love this first of the holiday cartoons.... and shaky shaky.......then harder shaking.....and then it did not stop. I reached over for my drink and held onto that so it wouldn't fall and put down my needlework. Looking over at Hunny and Pete asleep on the sofa.....Hunny didn't stir and Pete just opened one eye as if to say " is it cookie time?" After it settled down and stopped the hard shaking I sat there for a minuet or two just in case there were more and harder jolts coming. It was over in about 15 to 17 seconds but it does seem that time slows down as you wait for it to either intensify or to stop. I picked up my stitching and that was that. Since last night there have been about 30 or so aftershocks, but I haven't felt anything. Where we live in Noe Valley it is up the side of a solid rock hill so for us to feel any shaking it has to be pretty hard jolting.

I finished up the stitching on the exchange I have been working on and then I went on to VOHRH as it is Tuesday and I wanted to sort of keep to the rotation. Here is a snap of the progress....

Sorry the picture is kinda wonky but you get the idea.

Here at work I keep on the accuradio all day and it is the first thing I click on when I sit down. I started on Monday listing to Christmas music and am really enjoying it. Everyone here can not believe it but I really enjoy the trappings of the season and would play the music year round if I thought I could get away with it. Usually the stations I listen to are three with me I toggling between mid century jazz singers, classic country music and pop tunes from 50's & 60's.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


Cheryl said...

Happy 100th post Edgar!! Here's to the next 100! Ive just had my 100th too :)

Michele said...

congrats on 100 posts! I just had mine this week too!

my DS#2 (19 years old) and I watched the Great Pumpking last night too! omgosh it's still sooo funny!!! I love all the holiday trappings too Edgar *grin*

glad to hear your earthquake wasn't too bad .. Alaska had one this morning .. sitting in between AK and CA and they both had earthquakes .. not a very comfy feeling! lol

Barbara said...

Happy hundreth post! :) And glad the earthquake wasn't too alarming of an experience (impossible for me to imagine!)

DaisyGirl said...

Earthquake?! Never felt one! Your party looks like it was so much fun! My hubby hates parties! I myself love them! How did we end up together? Cool and interesting things about you! Curator! Wow!

Vonna said...

Hurray!! You're 100th post!
And I love your progress on VoHRH :)
And I think your music choices are
A-OK to me :)
Have a great evening!

Lana said...

That is one thing I don't miss about Cali, are the earthquakes! The terror of wondering if this is the "big one" will it die down or get worse? I shiver just thinking of it! I am glad you are alright, and congrats on your hundredth post!

staci said...

Happy 100th post!!! I can't even begin to imagine an earthquake!!! I would probably run around in circles screaming "the sky is falling!" LOL!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a 3 disc set of the Peanuts holiday shows (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)...ummm, for the kids...yeah, for the kids :)

Ja'niece said...

Congrats on joining the 100th post club!! Here's hoping we both see 200 real soon. {grin}


Kathryn said...

I was still in Nevada last night, but I called my husband in San Francisco. He said, "Not to worry, it was small." Small? I hadn't even heard about the earthquake on the news. He though someone was walking around on the roof (our loft is on the third floor). I'm not sure why people who don't live in California are so concerned about earthquakes. See, your smart pups didn't blink an eye. Yes, friends of ours had damaged houses from Northridge and friends lost tropical fish and newborn kittens in the Marina during Loma Prieta, but really hurricanes are so much more destructive as are tornadoes. And the fires! Dozens of my friends were evacuated and one lost her house.

Now I am in San Francisco, too, and all I can say is, "I AM COLD!!!" It was completely fogged in when we landed at SFO at o'dark o'clock this morning. And even though the day got sunny later, I am still cold. At least we head off to Maui on Friday, where people there are probably complaining about the cold, too. Ha!

Congratulations on your 100th post. I hope you enjoy your 1000th, too.

Pam said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I have been enjoying reading your blog, it reminds me of home. I sure don't miss the earthquakes though! I have been in Canada 10 yrs now and only experienced one tiny one, I'll be happy to never feel another one LOL. Love your VOHRH, someday I'll start mine!

Kendra said...

Happy 100th! Isn't blogging - especially blogging about stitching - fun?

I, too, would listen to Christmas music year round if I could. I just love it! I'm ready to put my Christmas CD's in my car for full-time listening from now until Christmas. Forget the radio for the next 2 months.