Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Stitching and the SBQ of the week

Last night I worked on the Specific Designers exchange for November so I don't have a picture of that to post, yet. I also started to work on the next block of VOHRH. Or I should say that I worked on lots of border stitching around the block. I am just really afraid that I can't keep up with the one block a month goal I set for myself. I know with all the holiday stuff and events coming up in the next two months it will get more difficult to find the time to stitch. I will set a goal and come "Hell or High water" I will do everything within my power to "git-R-done!!"

I am the type of person that will be 10 mins early to just about everything, and still feel that I am running late. I think this comes from growing up with parents were time was so flexible that we were perpetually a 1/2 hour to hour late for everything. Now, I had a great childhood and wonderful parents!! Don't get me wrong, but my dad couldn't get to anything on time. Getting picked up for stuff at school they were late.... getting to things we were late, regardless of how early anybody started to get ready to leave, so I think that my compulsion to be early or get things done before I have to, springs from that. With all that said I also will procrastinate until the cows come home on some things, or just ignore them all together. :)

Off on a tangent I see..... here is a snap of the progress on block 3....

The SBQ of the week is:

"What portion of your stitching is for your own personal use versus gifts?

Isn't that an interesting question. I would say that I stitch for relaxation and produce mostly gifts. I have given away probably 70% of what I have stitched if not more. That would include the needlepoint things I also have made into pillows and sachets and covers. There are some things that I have kept and some things that I will stitch for me but mostly the outpouring of completed projects go to other homes. I like to think that a stitched homemade present is like giving a bit of yourself away and that the recipient can see the object and think about you or the relationship. Kind of corny but it works for me. :)

I am really excited about this weekend as I am flying up to Vancouver, Washington and visiting my sister and her family. As you may remember my birthday was at the beginning of the month, well that does not begin to list the family events for October.... My niece's birthday, her brother my nephew's birthday, my brother-in-law's birthday and my sisters wedding anniversary all fall in the month of October. There is lots to celebrate!!! We will have a wonderful weekend together. I have also been promised a visit to a LNS called Acorns and Threads. I have heard nothing but praise for this store and am really looking forward to the visit.

A quick question: Has anyone tried to take needle working stuff on an airplane recently and had any problems. The TSA "Prepare for Takeoff" flyer on line states that you can bring a pair of scissors on board that are less than four inches. Has anyone had problems bringing any small embroidery scissors with them?? If so, did they confiscate them? I do not want to test this little rule and loose a good pair of scissors.

Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate the comments, I really do!!!! Especially when I miss use a word, like yesterday. :)

Take care,


Anna van Schurman said...

I've flown this way and that way and over and yon (international, transcontinental, and short hops) and never lost my embroidery scissors in the two years since the TSA lifted the ban on them. You should have no problems. But don't bring shears. I don't want you to lose a pair of scissors!

Kathryn said...

I stitch on airplanes all the time. But I do have a kit that I use that seems to work fine. I have a LoRan needlethreader (a piece of metal less than two inches long) and a pair of small cat claw scissors. They have three inch blades, but only about a quarter inch round cut out at the very end is actually sharp. I haven't even been inspected by security, though at times they rescan my carry on, mostly because I carry so much electronic gear and electric cords.

I did lose a pair of four inch scissors (the blades were only two inches) at Narita (Tokyo) this September, but I had been carrying them in the US for years. It wasn't worth arguing with a security agent that didn't speak English. The rest of my kit, including my Q-Snaps and wooden needlepoint frames were fine. I've had more trouble with security at Heathrow than any in the US.

Margie said...

You are rocking your Village! It's looking great

Pam said...

New to your blog Edgar, and I see lots of beautiful projects! I'm enjoying seeing your progress on VOHRH. I am enjoying going back in your archives to see all your beautiful projects but wanted to say Hi!

Barbara said...

The kids never give me a chance to stitch on the plane. LOL! Good luck!

Cheryl said...

I hope you have a great weekend Egdar!
Visit my blog for your award :)

Jaimie said...

I don't fly often so I can't say. My only story was long ago when I was in mediation with my ex. I had a pocketknife with scissors, etc on my key chain. When I went through security, it was found by a gigantic scary looking guard. He asked me jokingly if I planned on using it during the meeting and when I said no he gave it back to me.