Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stitching Bloggers Question of the Week

I saw the question and meant to answer this yesterday, but better late than never.....

So the question of the week is:

What are your favorite online stitching supply sources?

I shop just about everywhere for things that I want. For projects I see on others blogs that are out of print I shop a ton on eBay as that is often the only source for OOP or HTF charts. I also just get what I want when I see it, especially when they are released as so many things go out of print so fast. Since I really like the Quaker patterns I have gotten about 95 to 97 % of the charts out there that can be gotten.

However there are four main sources that I use for in print charts and fibers:

The first online source I use.....especially for Needlepoint silk and overdyed floss is Needlecraft Corner out of Baltimore. The wonderful shop is run by Drema and she is just the best and easiest to work with. Very quick and efficient and accommodating.
Her pricing is very competitive.

The second online source I use would be an eBay store called Liberty Primitives out of Virgina. This shop is run by Nancy, she is a sweet and kind person. She is very efficient and a quick shipper, very easy to work with.

The third online source would be Homespun Samplar out of Rhode Island. This shop is run by Linda and was actually the first online stitching source I used.
Always professional and easy to shop with.

The fourth online source would be Hand Dyed Fibers by Vikki Clayton. She is the only source that I know of for her beautiful hand dyed silks. They are beautiful and wonderful to work with. I especially like working with the premium silks and when there is a choice between regular and premium I always pick the premium. Her prices are very good and much less than many silks out there that are available, they are a superior product.

I do have here in Alameda Needle in a Haystack so that would be my LNS. I have seen them pop up as many blogs as a favorite online source so I am lucky to be able to just drive over the bridge and visit them in person. Cathe and all the ladies there are wonderful and such a joy to visit. Their inventory is vast and very complete.

So there ya go!!

Thanks for stopping by, and take care,

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