Friday, October 19, 2007

Not much stitching....

Last night was a "not much stitching" night. In fact so little was done that it was not worth taking a picture of, so I didn't. :)
I did take some pictures of the puppies.... Here is a snap of her majesty the Hunny-licious and the Pete-poop.

I think that Pete was asleep on the blue blanket and then Hunny jumped up there because it was a warm spot. She often seems to acquire the warm spot in the house. She thinks it is a prerogative of little elderly sugarlumps!! I also think that it could have been the cookie that was out of the shot that was of interest to her as you can see she has perked right up for the photo. I also got a shot of The Peach, but as usual she thinks that death lurks in the camera so is quite shy about getting her picture taken and wouldn't look at me or the camera.

We did a store run to Safeway and in the flower department we picked up some really pretty roses. As the weather gets crappier and more rain pours out of the leaden skies.... flowers certainly brighten up the house. Here is a snap of the almost artificially coloured roses.

I also think I will post another picture from our vacation to South Dakota. This was taken out in the Badlands and it certainly was HOT and DRY....since today here in San Francisco is both cold and rainy it is most appropriate that this go on today's blog.

So there ya go.....another week. I am off to my sisters in Washington State tonight and will be back on Sunday. Hope the weekend treats everyone well!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


Jaimie said...

Cute puppies! It looks like it is going to rain down here is Gilroy too. We got a couple logs for a fire so it seems cuddly and not so dreary. But roses are good too!

BeckySC said...

Adgar...I would appreciate some of your rain :) We are desperate for it here. Can ya send me some??? I can send you stash in return ;P

Love the pups :)

BeckySC said...

oops, make that Edgar too :)So sorry :)