Friday, November 9, 2007

A little stitching and some more DVD's!!!

I finished up the dark green area along the bottom of square 4 . Here is a snap of the progress.

The picture looks kinda wonky... it surely didn't last night when I took it, that MUST be the cameras fault!! :)

I also revisited the GOOB Video store and got some more titles, these are ones that I wanted but just had never gotten around to getting. Here is a snap of the haul....

How could I pass up two of my favorite Greer Garson flicks, Goodbye Mr Chips and Mrs. Miniver. Chips was the first movie she made in America, and Miniver is the only role for which she won the single Oscar of her illustrious career, she was nominated 7 times. She is just gorgeous in both and the acting is stunning. Now they need to release Valley of Decision to DVD and I will have all of my favorite Greer Movies!! The Last Emperor ( I did read that Criterion is going to release a version of TLE next year, can't wait for that!!) and Orlando are just visually spectacular films that they can be watched over and over and The Year without Santa Claus is one of the few Christmas DVD's that I didn't have, who could pass up Heat Miser and Snow Miser??

Paisley - Of course you can borrow the Rebecca chart, email me at edgarmathews at aol dot com and let me know where to send it and I will get it in the mail next week.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!!!

Take care,


Vonna said...

Oh Edgar when you get to those blasted trees in this square...I don't envy you...see I was working on the village too I have the first, second squares done and I'm working on the graveyard..but it really hasn't seen the light of day since about February..LOL! Ho HUM....
but anyway...those willows...they just suck! :) GOOD LUCK!

DaisyGirl said...

I just love Cold Miser! I have that DVD, such a Christmas Cartoon nut! I'm gonna send Lizzy a letter by mail to see what is going on. I'll let you know how she's doing as soon as I find out.

staci said...

You certainly are motoring along on HOHRH! Nice movie additions too, the perfect accompaniment to stitching in the evening :)

Laural said...

I LOVE The Last Emperor! Great haul movie wise.

Great stitching! I love watching this piece come together!

Mary Kathryn said...


What fibers are you using for your Hawk's Run. I keep going back in forth in my mind, yours looks great.

There can't really be only 43 days 'til Christmas!