Thursday, November 15, 2007

and here is the picture

As you can see I have stopped at the end of the chart, page 2, in the lower left. I will complete this before switching to the 1st page. It will be much easier to do it that way. The way I stitch is in a big club chair that was my grandfathers with a copy of the chart pinned to the arm of the chair on the left. I have to pin it down as I usually have 1 or more chihuas travelling up one side and down the other at different times during the evening. I really don't know what they are looking at from the back of the chair when they reach the summit..... often Peachy will stop there and plop herself on my shoulders behind my neck and then proceed to fall asleep. The only good that come from her plopping is that it stops the traffic across me, my needlework and charts along with my scissors and floss..... these can go flying with all those little feet trampling about.

Sorry it took so ling to get the snap up!!

Take care,


Margie said...

I have the same issue with my pugs! LOL! They always win though :-)

Mindi said...

Wow Edgar! You've been busy the last week. I go away on business for a few days and you've blazed away on both VoHRH and Quaker Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying reading your posts about stitching and the progress you are making. I left you a question a week or so ago about Scarlet Ribands and if you could help me choose a color and thread for that chart. Are you able to help me?

Take care!

DaisyGirl said...

Same issue with my cats! Daisy feels it's her spot right behind my neck! I love it though! It looks like you will have a mini break from rr stitching, since you have nothing to send me! Same for me!