Thursday, November 8, 2007

Started on Block 4/2 - St Peter's

I started on the grass in the 4th block which would actually be block 2 if I were being done in order. Here is a snap of the really gorgeous dark green that is the bottom of the square.

I am really liking this VoHRH project. The stitching is really fun, except for the issues at the forge, and I think I will be be pretty sad to finish it up. That is a long way in the future but I know that is how I will feel.

Not much else going on here, hope everyone week is going along on an even keel!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Cheryl said...

I cant believe how quickly you are stitching this up! It looks great.
Regarding the christmas quaker...dont wait for has been all consuming recently and i cant see it improving for a while so my stitching time has decreased dramatically :(