Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BP and VoHRH - LHN Exchange arrived

Thank you so much for the nice things everyone said yesterday about the snaps!!! I have been collecting soft paste porcelain for 20+ years now and have quite the stack of plates, bowls etc... Most of it I use everyday and just about EVERYTHING I buy I can put in the dishwasher!!! In fact the first thing I do is run a new piece through a cycle to see if it can survive that monster. I have yet to have anything break (knock on wood!!).

I was on the Exchange Board and saw that Jean received the LHN exchange that I sent. For some reason I was really stressed out that this would not arrive, but it did and now I can post some snaps.

I made a pinkeep, this is the front...

Here is the back, I personalized it with initials..

and here is the entire package I sent.

Last night while watching TCM I worked on VoHRH as it is in rotation,
and I finished the fence across the front..... here is a snap...

After I finished the fence, and dealing in white I picked up BP and did a little on it, here is a snap...

Yesterday Rico stopped by a knitting store and picked up some things here are two little sheep he got me. They are knitted pins. Sorry the picture is blurry.

That's about it for today, thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


Carol said...

Your exchange for Jean is so perfect! Congratulations!

Vonna said...

That pinkeep is THE most gorgeous thing :) Truly a stunner Edgar and look at all those extras you sent. SUPER!!!!
Those little sheep...they are adorable and of course you're going to town on your WIPs. Good going YOU!

Kathryn said...

Your constant stitching is a good example for the rest of us, especially the us (well, probably, me) who can't find the time to stitch every day. You produce such nice work.

And your sheep! I've loved sheep ever since we lived in New Zealand. I particularly love the orange and black one. How different. How thoughtful of Rico!

Cheryl said...

Those sheep are adorable!!
Your exchange gifts to Jean are great, love the pinkeep. It is such a worry posting though eh?! Im posting your RR on to Lesley this week, i'll post a picture on my blog soon so you can see how it looks

Cindy said...

Beautiful pinkeep! Its so neatly and nicely done! Love the extra too :) This is truly a great exchange :D