Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A little stiching

We went shopping last night and then out to dinner to Chevys, getting home kinda late.
That left very little time for much work on QC,
but here is an update snap.

Pretty pitiful amount of work! One chicken and 1/4 of a snowflake. :)
Well, I figure I can slack off one night. Tonight my sister and her family are coming in form Portland so who knows when next I'll stitch!!

Rico went down to the flower market yesterday and came back with loads of flowers for the house here is one of the lovely big arrangements he has made for the holiday.

In addition to the cut flowers for arrangements he got a beautiful orchid plant and a large bunch of tube roses that have been put out in vases in the guest bedroom, bathroom and hall. They really make the spaces they are in smell nice, almost gardenia like.
(my favorite flower, by the way)

Here is the promised snap of the Hillside sampling charts that I was talking about yesterday.

That's about it for today, hope you and yours have a super Thanksgiving!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


Barbara said...

What stunning autumn floral arrangements!!!!

Sue said...

The colors in those flowers are fabulous for Thanksgiving. Very nice!!

Carol R said...

I love your Quaker Christmas - went to check it out - didn't realise how big the finished piece is!! I can't wait to see your finished project. Keep on stitching!

Kajsa said...

Your QC looks great. I love the flowers, the colors are just beautiful!

monique said...

Love your QC progress! I just added this chart to my stash :)

tkdchick said...

Edgar your wip is lovely.

oooh fresh flowers that's a rare treat for me! They're so lovely!

Name: Vicki said...

Your Quaker piece is coming along nicely! The flowers are gorgeous! He must be very talented with flowers! Have a great day!