Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stitching on A Quaker Chirstmas

Thank you so much for the ideas for carrots for Thanksgiving. I have done a quickie call around to a few people that are coming and the consensus I think will be the Vonna roasty toasty veg-medley.

Last night we went shopping over to Trader Joe's and stopped at Pier One to pick up some candles. Now just a month ago we got some wood looking pillar candles, very fall, and I wanted some more because those had burned beyond pillar recognition. Those suckers were already 35% off on sale. It hasn't been a month! I guess Christmas has just pushed the fall holiday out of the way. I also find it odd that the candle aroma/smell is called sugared pecans....what on earth does a sugared pecan smell like. I make lots of nut things at Christmas both the savory and sweet. My southern background dontcha know. I do not remember them smelling like these candles. I will have to take an extra sniff this year to see if the nuts have quite the cloying sweet smell like the candles, I doubt it!! :) But they are pretty with the glass rocks and acorns around the base and that is what counts.

I worked on Quaker Christmas last night because I found some of the floss rolled up on the back of my chair so needed to put it up and instead of just putting it up it was the project du jour. Here is a snap of the progress.

The picture will not load now I will try later.

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Vonna said...

Well I'm glad the roasty toasty vegetable medley made the cut! You won't be disappointed in fact I love it all year long :)
I bet those candles are super...but I don't think that I've smelled a sugared pecan either! LOL!