Monday, November 12, 2007

A Christmas start and a cold

I started to get a cold on Friday and it settled in my throat so that by Friday evening I sounded pretty much like Brenda Vaccaro. Which sounds alright for her and is her trademark but for me it sounded quite like I had a frog in my throat. I worked all day at the bookstore on Saturday but came home early yesterday not sounding very good at all. I settled in and made some of my favorite tea Manhattan Earl Grey. This is a blend of Earl Grey with the addition of lavender blossoms. I get this wonderful loose tea from a great place called Strand Tea Co that is located in Sandy Oregon. Here is a snap of my tea accoutrement.

You see my Brown Betty my silver strainer and spoon the loose tea with inclusions and tea cosy. And here is my perfect cup of cream tea.....

Of course in my favorite chicken tea mug!!! I felt lots better after I had this first cuppa!!!

I did make a new start on A Quaker Christmas from Bygone stitches. This is really going to be nice I think as I really like the dark green floss. Here is a progress of what I have stitched so far..... through the haze of my sickness, cough cough!! :)

I started watching the Amazing Race last week and last night was the second installment...... it is already making me crazy!!!! Some of those teams are just way too mean to win!!! I think that the stress of the race really brings out the nastiness in everybody. At least last week the team that was thrown off deserved to be, because if you scream at a donkey nobody is going to get a move on!!!! Last night proved that nice ones always drop off and we are left with nasty and nastier!!! Of course I can't stop watching it, I even watched the painfully stupid Family edition of the Amazing Race...what an ordeal!!!

Hope the weekend was good to everyone!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


staci said...

Quaker Christmas is off to a lovely start--love the color!

That tea sounds delicious, hope you are feeling better soon!

Cheryl said...

Im gonna love watching you stitch this one (but will be jealous at the same time LOL)
Im a big tea drinker, although who isn't in scotland?! Hope you feel better soon

Vonna said...

There's nothing like tea from a brown betty :) Yum! Feel better soon!

DaisyGirl said...

Hope you get better soon! Tea does sound lovely! Nothing yet? I'm gonna have Janice mail to you instead, that sound alright to you?

Kendra said...

I'm having trouble really getting into the Amazing Race this go-round. And I agree with you...some of the people are just mean! The people who went last week did deserve it...karma can bite ya in the butt! I'm ready to see the one couple go...the blond girl who is always screaming at her BF. She's a gem!

Barbara said...

There's a grand little tea shop in Maastricht that sells a blend of Earl Gray with orange blossoms, lavender, and a few other additions. The scent is heavenly! I hope you'll be fully recovered soon.

Love your Quaker Christmas start! What is that dark green thread, if I may ask?

Sherry said...

Feel better soon! I'm not a tea person but that cup looks yummy! Quaker Christmas has a wonderful start!

Von said...

Oh, your tea looks delish! I especially enjoy hot tea on these cold afternoons. :D