Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Working on VoHRH - the church

Last night I worked on VoHRH so I stayed in rotation, Yea!! I did not do very much at all since I have this aversion to stitching white I am not stitching very quickly and even jump to another colour to not stitch the white.
Here is a progress snap.

You can see I worked the white letters then moved on to the fence.....then jumped to the grass then jumped to that tree. The tree is not even done in a brown but a Yellow ochre and it looks very strange floating out in space.

My sister and her family are coming down from Vancouver to have Thanksgiving at our house!! So I am putting together the menu, with all the familial things from our past, I would like to add a carrot dish of some sort......does anyone out there do anything interesting to carrots that you would like to share??? Let me know.

Now, you know by reading my babbling that I really like movies and watch lots and lots of many genres. On Saturday I got a DVD called "Deliver Us from Evil." This was not a horror flick, in the traditional since, as I do not like nor do I watch scary/horror movies, don't like em' don't watch em'!! I can watch just about any tripe or bad movie...however..... this movie is so disturbing I couldn't finish it!!! I did stick with it for about an hour and 1/2 then turned it off. It was recommended to me as a pretty good documentary, and I like those, so I tossed it into my queue. It is a documentary about the pedophiles in the Catholic Church and cover up that followed. The movie is from the families, the victims and the priests point of view.
It is a very disturbing movie, that's about all I have to say about that!

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Vonna said...

Edgar the village is looking super :)
Giada de Laurentis does the most lovely autumnal vegetable dish that includes carrots. It is DELICIOUS! You take parsnips, new potatoes and brussel sprouts (slice/cut into bite size peices) add a bag or two of baby carrots put out on a cookie/baking sheet, put olive oil over it along with coarse sea salt rosemary and thyme mix well with your hands and roast in the oven at 350. You turn the vegs over from time to time allowing them to carmelize on all sides. is so delicious! AND very simple :)

Kathryn said...

Roasting carrots (especially with parsnips) is good, but my favorite carrot recipe is:

Fresh, peeled carrots cut into batons (three inches long, 1/2" square)
Dark Maple Syrup (grade B or Amber)

Sorry I don't have measurements, but I made up this recipe myself and just eyeball it. You need a fair amount of syrup, but just a little ginger. I have used powdered or fresh (add more if using fresh).

Anna van Schurman said...

I was going to suggest maple glazed carrots too (Kathryn, great minds all that!) But I went and found you a recipe. My mom always boiled carrots and parsnips and mashed them together. Easy, not so delicious.

Kathryn said...

Maybe that's why I don't have a recipe. It would take weeks for the two of us to finish four pounds of carrots. I'd rather use more maple syrup and skip the other sugars (and the parsley).