Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some SF Stuff

Gentle Friends, in keeping with my Wednesday is SF theme I have a few tid bits .......  you may or may not be aware that we are having a little warm spell here by the Bay, the temps the last couple of days have been in the mid 80's, and for SF that is really quite warm. In fact we set a new record for yesterdays date, at about 3:30 pm in downtown SF it reached 90, breaking the 87 high back in 1927.  Today is supposed to be the last really hot day and the temps are to start plummeting and by the weekend we should be back in the 60's and regular cool breezes blowing.  With the temps being so hot we have been hitting the pool in the afternoon........

..... as you can see not a speck of fog coming over Twin Peaks and there's Rico......  there are still the ever so slight breeze, but not the usual gale force ones we are used to - a nice little change.

Last week we stopped into Buttons, you can read a Post about this great little store HERE, so that i could get a fix of Pontefract cakes....  and look at this super display......

.....  all that crazy popcorn.....  although I do love an interesting popcorn, I stuck to my licorice, picking up the Pontefract Cakes and some AllSorts.

Last Friday on the way to work we were talking about what to do for dinner... I didn't have a thought and later in the morning I got a call about how about trying something new or new to us - Munchery, a fabulous weeknight dinner delivery service.  We had heard of  it from friends and seen the web site, but just had never taken the plunge.  Now that we have, we will certainly be regulars!!!

... we placed the order in the morning and were given a 5-6 pm window for delivery, and as it says on the site, it came in the first 1/2 hour.......

... there were grilled artichokes with a lemon aioli.....

.... Rico got the grill Bistro Steak..... and....

along with a side of black eyed peas, I got the Fish and Grits, the fish was rolled up with some spring greens and the grits had cheese and some nice heat from peppers.  The meal was top notch and really wonderful.  It comes cold and all you do is heat it up in the microwave, et voila, a restaurant dinner without the hassle of parking and rude wait staff!!!   - and - I got were my sweats and watch a movie!!!  This is only here in SF and is expanding into the Seattle market at the moment, but there is no reason to think it won't expand to other cities later on.quality

There you go sports fans, another bit of my little life here in SF - thanks for stopping by do stop again!

Take care,


  1. Mmm, that food is making my morning oatmeal look a bit stodgy. What a nice idea for delivery service...heat it yourself. It usually arrives cold anyway, so why make a promise of hot food. Great business idea.
    I wish there was something like that out here, but we're "in the sticks" as they say. We can't even get pizza or Chinese delivered where we live.

  2. Glad your having some nice warm weather, we're supposed to be getting some in the UK in the next few days, we need it after a long wet winter. That popcorn looks amazing and so does the delivery meal.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Buttons before. I stopped in on Saturday and treated myself to some taffy and the lady was so nice that she gave us some free samples. Great shop!

  4. What a great SF post! You're so lucky to have a pool for your heatwave, lol. I just googled your candies. My mom is a big licorice fan too, so they made me think of her. Those dinners looked so yummy. What a great business!

  5. We are hot too and no nice pool to have a swim in. Although the little children next door were having a ball in their kiddie pool. I will tell my friends in Seattle about the Munchery. I live across the sound from Seattle so it will probably not be available to us.

  6. Definitely an advantage to living in big cities. I envy all the conveniences you have there. Looks like a lovely dinner and so easy too! Fantastic!

  7. What a good idea..on the Munchery. The food looks good. You are so lucky to have so many options. The pool looks wonderful.