Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love is Something Big and Shiny!!!

Gentle Friends, last weekend, that four extravaganza of laziness, started off with breakfast out at the Red Cafe - and then it was off to an Estate Sale.  Most Estates Sales here by the Bay begin on Friday and go through the weekend.  Since I work M-F I can't get to them until Saturday. Being off on a Friday allowed me to get to the only one going last week on day 1...... the sale was on the small side, but there were a few stand out things.......

 .....  as we walked in I saw the 3 part meat dome ( the three parts are 1) warming tray for hot water, 2) the actual well and tree platter and 3) the dome cover with handle) and just plotzed, you know how I love silver and this gorgeous thing just yelled "take me home"......  but it had a big price, that I couldn't swing, so I looked around and found a few fun things....  the wedding ring quilt, the great little piece of bright cut glass, and the silver bread tray. Even as I was paying and leaving I was drawn to the big silver behemoth sitting behind Ernie the cashier guy......

Saturday came and we ran around to the thrift and consignment shops, finding only the double disc Special Edition of "Independence Day."  Then I thought, why not ride back over to the Estate Sale and see if "it" had been sold.  We arrived and it was still there, after hemming and hawing for about 45 minutes Bill, the Estate Sale rep,  finally hit me with a price I just couldn't pass on, and this beauty came home to live at my house.  The verbal provenance that came with it  - that is was purchased at the Estate Sale of Eleanor Roosevelt's things when she died in 1962.  Now, I take that with a grain of salt, but it is a fun fact, true or not.  

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Great finds...about Eleanor Roosevelt story, I always quote " all stories are true and some of them actually happened". I don't know who said it , I think it was in the beginning of a book I read. I still need a tutorial on your silver polishing technique, everything always look so very shiny. Nice quilt too.

  2. Rico and the dogs will be moving into the new meat dome
    Rico & the who hounds

  3. Dearest Edgar: Wonderful finds, I am a true lover of silver, I have my Grandmothers silerware it is beautiful.
    Thank-you for sharing.



  4. I love seeing old pieces of silver...they had a specific piece for just about everything!!! "The right tool for the right job," LOL!

  5. Great finds! Here in Phoenix the Estate Sales start on Thursday (Wednesday in the heat of summer) and last through Saturday. It's tough to get to them on the first day. The silver pieces are awesome, but the comfy quilt is my fave...

  6. That is the most scrumptious piece yet! I LOVE the meat dome, and if I had been there, we would have fought over it!!! LOL!! It is beautiful and you will really enjoy it, I'm sure! Great find!!!

  7. Ok, that would be so cool if it were true and the piece belonged to Eleanor Roosevelt. OMG, I love her! Soooo cool! Glad you went back and got a good price on it!

  8. Wow, what a great haul! I always enjoy hearing about your sale adventures.

  9. Your are one very lucky thrifter!!!

  10. As Mary said "all stories are true and some of them actually happened"
    That is an old Irish saying that many people have claimed.

    Lovely find!

  11. Great finds. I especially like the quilt. Always favorites of mine.

  12. What great finds! I love the quilt. I am very happy you were able to get the huge silver piece you were lusting after...!

  13. Be still my heart - the old silver
    meat dome is an artistic treasure
    and so glad it fell to you to be
    its caretaker...just know you will
    truly "own" it.... Enjoy ~

  14. Congrats - great finds. Good for you to went back.