Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's a Tuesday Post

Gentle Friends, what a creative and inspired Post Title??  There's not been too much going on here by the Bay recently, still working on my Exchange.  I made a gigantic switch in projects for the Exchange piece and have been stitching like crazy to meet the mail date, which I'll probably not make.  But, the piece sent I will be so much happier with.  

Since I can't show you stitching I'll show drinks......

.... a few weeks ago we picked up one of these coffee drink things at the store, they were an introductory "sale" price and so why not.  They ended up being quite tasty, and now we get one just about every time we shop.  Here, as in many places, you can't swing a cat by the tail (not that you should swing a cat by tail) without hitting a coffee shop, they are everywhere, on every corner and then some.  But, sometimes it just isn't convenient to make oneself presentable and trudge out and find a coffee drink.  It is much nicer to just open the fridge up and get your coffee drink at home while looking like an unkempt shulb in sweats.

.... and some eats........

..... yesterday Rico's company had an annual Golf Tournament down in Millbrea.... and we all know what's in Millbrea.....  The Millbrea Pancake House (HERE's the Post about the MPH from back in February).  I had to drive down and pick him up after I got off work and instead of coming home and making dinner we stopped there and I of course had breakfast while Rico had a burger and fries......  a tasty dinner for sure!!

That's about it for today sports fans - and just a heads up, this is a short week for me as I took off Friday to make a 4 Day weekend of being lazy around the house - no plans, no worries, no shaving!!  So by the end of the four days I'll be mighty scruffy!!  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I've seen these coffee's in the store but I'm not tempted because it's too much caffeine for my "fluttery" heart, but I DO like breakfast for dinner. We do this every once in a while and it really tastes good :) Now I'm hungry..haha

  2. I love those ready coffee drinks but they do send me hyper!

  3. OMG! Breakfast for dinner is always a win in my book!!!! All my year living in the area I never tried that place :( They are many things I miss from the bay area one of them being the lack of bugs!!!!

    The south has way to many bugs for my liking LOL

    Have a terrific tuesday

  4. With all those coffee shops, I knew I would like SF! But what could be better than, as you say ,relaxed coffee at home. I will be looking for that brand.

  5. I love when you show off what you've been eating. lolol! Love having breakfast for dinner! Looks so yummy! Both meals! And the drinks -- yum!