Friday, July 29, 2011

A Couple of Flickers

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I do thank you for all the action on my little sewing machine - I had no idea  - I guess I probably should have as I was ravenous for one for so long - I will keep an eye out for another as I go from sale to sale.

I would like welcome a new Blogger - Charity - she just started Blogging.  You might want to click on over and give her a big welcome.  her Blog is "Lover of Cross Stitch."

The two flicks are ones I got to see this week - the first is a super film called "The Passionate Friends" (the original title) or in the US called "One Woman's Story" - 1949 - starring Ann Todd, Claude Rains and Trevor Howard. 

Wonderfully directed by David Lean, who happened to by married to Ann Todd at the time, which has to be the reason for all her close ups.  This beautifully photographed film is much like his earlier work "Brief Encounter" 1945 another wonderful film.  I really enjoy Lean's work - my favorite film of his has to be "Summertime" 1955.    This story is told in triple flashback with some wonderful results.  There are some great scenes shot on location in France.  At about 90 minutes you will not be disappointed.

The second film is much different - a Bio pic called "Man of a Thousand Faces" -1957 - starring James Cagney and  Dorothy Malone. 

An interesting film about Lon Chaney and his life from the stage to film - although a very loose biography that some might not like, Cagney's performance is top notch and worth seeing.  It is amazing how he works at portraying Chaney.  It is a little over 2 hours and very entertaining.

I think that about wraps up the week sports fans.  Have a great couple of days off - stop back by next week - same Bat Time same Bat Channel!!!
Take care,


Teresa said...

Glad you were able to find a new home for your machine. Will check out the new blogger.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Teresa said...

If you know Charity, she has it blocked so you can't leave any comments and no email in her profile.

Charity C. said...

Hey Edgar I was just reading through your posts and saw the LK stitch you are doing, the one that has my name in it. I like that one very much already!! Anyway I checked my blog and changed the comments setting to open a new window when you click the link and also made it to where anyone can post a comment. I am sorry about that I did not realize it was blocked! I would like to ask you if you could check my blog and make sure you are able to leave a comment to see if I did everything correctly. Thank you very much!

Peggy Lee said...

Thanks for the heads up about Charity's blog. It's always nice to welcome a new blogger to the family!

Maggee said...

Hi Edgar! Sorry I haven't been commenting as much... too tired when I get home! But today I have felt a bit better, so am excited! Just wanted to say that I remember the Cagney movie--a good one! Thanks for reminding us! Hugs!

heidistitches said...

Hey Edgar! I just got back from San Francisco today (me and my family took a little vacation "up north"!). Being born and raised in So. Cal., I can't quit raving about how wonderful public transportation is in your city. We bought a 3-day Muni pass and went everywhere in the city. Pretty much everyone was friendly and very helpful as we figured out our way around the city. The highlight for my son was the CA Academy of Science - we spent the whole day there. From reading your blog, we also visited some of the places that you have mentioned (and photographed). I don't comment very often, but I love your blog and your amazing talent as a cross stitcher.

Sherry :o) said...

Congratuations on selling your machine. I figured it would not take long and would not take a listing on eBay or such. Have a great weekend, Edgar!!