Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Little Shopping

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends on the hump looking to the weekend and also the end of the month - where did it go.  We are here at almost August... which is practically September and there you go - the end of the year.  Boy, do the years zoom on by with lightning speed.  Are they speeding up as I get older??  I can remember back when summer vacation was endless days of sunshine - the creek, the woods and swimming - ah... the long golden days of my youth.  Never did I ever think then of California.   I wonder, if I could tell my younger self what there was ahead of him - what would I say???  Do you ever think what you might tell a younger self???

Yesterday on our way home we stopped off in Japan Town - took some snaps....  enjoy....

I thought this bridge connecting one part of the mall to another was interesting.  They could have made some dull stairs, but choose instead to build this great garden foot bridge.
 Not sure what these are - no didactic panel - but they are pretty colourful (excuse the reflection)

 There are quite a few stores that sell all sorts of things - this wall of kitchen stuff where everything is a $1.50 each - you can't beat the price.

I do like that instead of just plain white or beige walls -  they are painted with these great tumbling umbrellas.

I was taking an "arty" snap of the maple tree with the Japan Town Banner in the back ground and noticed a tourista also taking a snap across the street.
There you go sports fans - thank you for stopping by, thank you for your great comments and the time you take to leave them!!  Stop by again!!

Take care,


Jan said...

What I would tell my younger self... Avoid horses at all costs (permenant back injury) take care of your teeth and excersize to stay active and keep the batwings and stomach tire from appearing... LOL

Land-Pomeranze said...

Dear Edgar, i finishes the first two month of LHN Sampler. I´m looking forward to the next month.
greetings from Hessen/Germany

Denise said...

Lovely pics - thanks for the trip!

My comments to my younger self - invest in precious metals, oil, and tech stuff. Keep moving, don't work at UPS, and enjoy each day as if it is your last!

Margaret said...

Love the pictures of Japantown. I feel like I'm going on a tour of SF with your posts -- it's great!

Lynn said...

Fascinating pics Edgar! I love that wall of umbrellas!
I find that time seems to be speeding up too.
I think the only thing I would tell myself to do differently is to learn to love exercising. Keeping active keeps you feeling younger and better!
I'm heading back to my home town for a high school band reunion this weekend. I'm sure we'll see just how time has affected us all!

Margaret said...

Hi Edgar, thanks for the trip through Japan Town. Those two items in the glass cage look like "omikoshi" to me - those are portable shrine type pieces which are carried on the shoulders of men during shrine festivals. You can see it on Youtube here

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely snaps Edgar. I don't even think we have a China town, much less Japan.