Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Stuff

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends we are here on the hump of the week with only two days until the weekend - how wonderful is that!!

Yesterday on the way home we stopped off at our favorite bakery and picked up a treat....

..... slices of some delicious cake - I got a piece that was coffee laced while Rico picked a strawberry and chocolate slice.  It is nice that they sell just the slices and one is not forced to get a whole cake - because if there was a whole of either of these suckers in the house last night there would have been quite a few more slices missing this morning.  Very tasty and a great treat!!

Yesterday and for the rest of the week we are supposed to be having our typically cool and damp summer weather.  Yesterday in particular was dank, but I really felt the need to do a fun summer thing - so I bundled up and stood over the grill roasting some wienies.  Here is a snap of  the weather......

This is looking toward Twin Peaks - completely shrouded in fog.

The wind was blowing and the fog was extra misty - if it got to the mid 50's I would have been surprised.  
I was determined to grill out last night.

We had a summer picnic of sorts - chili dogs, potato salad - I was even inspired to toast the buns on the grill.  It was fun and tasty, but more suited to sunny weather.  

Not much stitching going on so no snaps of "Blessings."  I did post my version of the recipe for "Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake" over on Blacksheep Bakes.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do come again!!

Take care,


Shelly said...

Those cake slices look scrumptious! As for the chili dogs-I'll be thinking of those all day!

Kathy said...

Love the photo of the view from your deck. I so wish it were in the 60s here. On Long Island it was in the 90s with 200 percent humidity. :(
Hope the rest of the week is great.

Berit said...

Oh, yumm! I can't believe your summer weather is really like that--in a way it's quite beautiful! (but maybe not when you want to have summery grill time...)

I also love cakes by the slice all done up in the little wrapping. :)

But, I've not seen rectangular pieces like that--tasty!

Notforgotten Farm said...

oh Edgar, How I WISH it were in the 50's here....I want Autumn to come to Notforgotten Farm & STAY here!!! Those cake slices look great, but as I like to say, "A Waist is a Terrible thing to Mind"!!! LOL
Did you receive my invite to my Samplermakers group????

Blessed be ~

Margaret said...

I think I'm gaining weight just reading your blog. lol! Oh I want to stop at that bakery!!! And your summer dinner looks so yummy! Haven't had potato salad or chili dogs in years. Sigh. Cool and damp is ok by me. Better than hot and humid. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen pastries like that since I was in France. How fortunate to have a wonderful local bakery that can make such delicacies.

Yvonne..... said...

I love it - you use the word "dank" too! LOL! Perfect word to describe that kind of weather. I know those pieces of cake looked really nice. I think I would have had to lick the paper and box! tee hee!

Denise said...

I am always fascinated by the bakery treats you & Rico find. We have no real bakeries where I live,
only the chain grocery store kind.
I can't help but wonder, how do you guys keep your figures??!!
Now, then, there's the chili dogs and potato salad!!!
Besides all of that, I love seeing
the photos of the local restaurants and also the gorgeous plates of food!
It is 93 degrees here in GA, so enjoy those cool temps!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Oh Those pics have made me feel very hungry- and it's not even brekky (breakfast) time here yet ( down under) :)

mdgtjulie said...

Sounds delicious Edgar. Sorry you're not having very summery weather. Hope it gets warmer for you soon!!

diamondc said...

Edgar: There is nothing better then grilling, I live in Minnesota and we grill all year long, of course I let the boss do the grilling in the winter, I hate the cold and snow yukk.
I am going to have to try your choclate chip coffee cake, yum yum.


Faye said...

Good looking eats!!! And, what fog!! Enjoy your cookouts... Faye

Alice said...

Brr. Looks freezing to me! The BBQ looked scrumptious though, and the cake divine!

Kerri said...

Can you send some of cool misty weather this way? Coming in from lunch it was 104 here in Houston. I will gladly swap houses with you if you want some summer weather!