Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making Tortillas

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I must thank you all for the kind comments on yesterdays post.  I appreciate them and your kindness always brightens my mornings.

If you cast your mind back a while you might remember that I acquired a tortilla press - I had been looking for one for while - I could have bought a new one but I wanted one that had been broken in - so I finally found one and that brings us to last night.  We usually have tacos or enchiladas or some sort of Latino dish that requires tortillas at east once or twice a week.  So last night was tostada night  - I had the masa (corn flour not corn meal) and was going to make me some tortillas.  There is a knack to it and that will come in time.  Some of mine are a bit wonky, but they are so much better than the store bought that I can't believe it.

They are super easy on ingredients - there are 3......  2 Cups - masa (corn flour), 1 1/4 Cups - Warm Water and 1 Teas.- salt.  There you go.  Mix these three things together, let it sit for about 5 minutes.....

It looks and feels very much like Play Dough.  It can be on the dry side so you can add a Tablespoon of water.

This recipe is supposed to make 12 to 16 tortillas.  I got 10.

Take the balls of dough and place between two pieces of plastic wrap, put into the press and just mash out a tortilla.  Those with a lot of skill can do this by hand and have them all nice a round.  I am not that clever, but maybe some day.

In a dry cast iron skillet - heat the pan to medium high and cook the tortillas for a few minutes on each side.  They will be a bit thicker than store bought, but so much nicer.

For tostadas I needed to fry the cooked tortillas. No matter what we are having I usually cut my tortillas up and make chips and take those chips and make a big plate of Nachos - Muy Deliciosa!!!

I had a couple emails requesting my exact conversion for "Blessings be Thine" - and here's it it...
I am using BoF - 36ct Meadowlark -
 - and my floss conversion is - 
WDW Havana to Belle Soie Chocolate
GA Cranberry to Belle Soie Red Fox
GA Dried Thyme to Belle Soie Collard Greens
GA Oatmeal to Belle Soie Oatmeal Scone

There is a little listing of my Sale Stash - my first time trying to use PayPal so I do hope it will work.  I f you see anything you might like or have any questions please feel free to ask.

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop by again!!

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Natasha said...

We are having carnitas tinight and I need to go out and get tortillas, but I thik I am just going to get MASA and make my own, I love handmade tortillas but have never made them myslef. I will have to make them by hand, no press...

Take Care :)

Gabi said...

What is that for a press Edgar? That looks something very interesting. I might give it a try. Looks quite easy to make and self made always taste so much better.

Margaret said...

That is so cool! You make everything. I'm envious!

Delana said...

Oh nummy. I love home made tortillas. But I'll let you do it. I'm too hot. I love home made pasta too. But one try at that with doughy strips hanging all over my kitchen...sent me to the Italian market. I'm getting so...lazy!

Moonlander said...

Your tortillas look great!! I bet they tasted wonderful. I have to tell ya since you mentioned it. My grandma used to keep a bowl of tortilla flour in the fridge. She would grab a handful of the flour, wet her hands and in about 30 seconds flip out a tortilla. She just wet her hands at the beginning and kept putting a hand under the water faucet to 'add water as needed'. I do know how to do it but haven't done in years. If you really would like to learn, grab some play dough or clay and practice with that, it's exactly the same feeling, so when you get good at it, go for the dough! It really is not difficult at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, those look really good! I love fresh made tortillas.

Alice said...

Looks so yummy... a bit like crepes! I'd try it but I would have to roll them out by hand.

mdgtjulie said...

Your tortillas look absolutely wonderful, even if they aren't perfectly round!! Mmmmmm... Now I'm hungry!

DonnaTN said...

Now I'm craving Mexican!

Berit said...

Gosh, Edgar they look heavenly! I'm working my way through a pack of store wraps right now and they are just un-inspiring.