Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Movie Post

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I have not mentioned a movie in a long time  - seen quite a few but nothing was up to snuff enough to talk about - Last night on TCM - the best TV channel - they had a small evening of Shirley Jones films.  I think most people think of Shirley as Mrs. Partridge, but she a had a great career in films prior to TV. 

1955 - while filming Oklahoma

TCM started off the evening with a wonderful musical - "The Music Man" - 1962 - starring Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Hermione Gingold, Paul Ford, Buddy Hackett and Ron Howard.  The story takes place in Iowa in about 1915 or so. Here is a great number from the film....

If you have not seen this film it is available on DVD.  You will find it is well worth a look.

Another movie issue going on right now is the upheaval in plans and charges going on over at Netflix.  Reading this Blog you know I love me some Netflix - and most of what I watch are older films. Here is a link to a super post on "She Blogged by Night," (a really great Blog) that explains it far better than I ever could.  Click HERE to read it.

Yesterday the mail brought me the August TCM guide - and what a great guide it is - it contained the 9th annual "Summer Under the Stars" listings.  There are some great movies being shown and fabulous Stars being highlighted!!

There you go sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind comments!!
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Sherry :o) said...

Caught up on my reading (of your blog), Edgar...looks like you are perfecting the tortillas nicely. I love your mystery sampler progress. I am doing the same as you indicated, I am changing up the letter colors and awaiting the third section - although I just started mine and only have a small (very, very small) portion of the border and one corner flower completed. I am doing it in silks and the fabric I chose is close to the letter color indicated. The cakes look delicious! I also noticed in your pool snaps, you and Rico almost always seem to have a "private" pool - it looks inviting, that's for sure. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Jacki said...

Hi Edgar! I'm a relatively new follower and I just love reading your movie posts. I LOVE old movies, and "The Music Man" is one of my favorites. TCM is one of my favorite channels, and I think I'll have to get the TCM Guide to get all the extra info they throw in there besides the movie schedules.

Thanks for the Music Man clip - it brightened my morning!

Margaret said...

Oh fun! Love me some Shirley Jones. :D So what do you think of this netflix thing? I'm trying to decide what to do, whether to downgrade my plan or what. Such a bummer.

Mouse said...

Hi Edgar :) ooo have really enjoyed listening to this ... not heard it in a long time .. and doesn't that bridge remind you of Brigadoon .. ok humming along here now ... catch up with you later love mouse xxxxx

Shelleen said...

Oklahoma is one of my favorite movies.

Maggee said...

I think it stinks about Netflix, since I just upgraded to add streaming! I have to do some serious thinking about this now, because I love the classics same as you, and BBC miniseries. Sigh...It's our entertainment while we stitch!

Melody said...

Edgar, thanks for the link to the blog posting about Netflix. Definitely food for thought. Your stitching is coming along nicely. I have finished the BBD Blessings Be Thine piece, but alas, have not framed it. It is a beauty tho.

DonnaTN said...

The Music Man is one of my favorite musicals. So many memorable songs and itty bitty Ron Howard!

Tracey said...

So curious about what you are going to do regarding netflix! I'm a new subscriber, only been on a couple of months- we have found some good movies we would've never watched otherwise and the kids love it too, so I think we are keeping it at least for now. People are crying redbox now but after the gas to go to and from the redbox and the tiny charges on my debit card, I think netflix is still more convenient.. but then I am not one of those people who has to see new releases right when they come out on DVD- I'm happy watching oldies like you or some of my favorite TV shows! (oops- sorry to go on so long! ;) )