Thursday, October 9, 2008

It takes a while to build a village!!!!

I was still plugging away at VoHRH -

That is one bad snap today!!! - but I got all the pond done and the tree sans limbs - I think this square is working up pretty fast as it is just blocks of colour.... the next square is my least favorite of the 12 - go figure- so I am not looking forward to it. I was looking towards the next piece - the SoHRH and was wondering about the black lines/boxes??? The outline around all boxes are black, now what's up with that? With Village they are all a nice sable brown so earthy and warm - but the black to me seems cold and harsh - I am wondering if a nice darkish blue wouldn't be so much nicer or even a really nice dark blue/grey?? There is so many lovely blues... I wonder??? I have refrained from buying all the black yet until I make a decision - I have all the other coloured silks already hoarded away just waiting - I also have to make the jump to the fabric decision - still not too sure of that yellow the model is on - I am trotting over to NIAH this weekend and will give the linens a really good going over.

Last night TCM continued its tribute to RKO with some great films - "Morning Glory" - 1933 and "Little Women" - 1933 both staring vehicles for Katherine Hepburn. These were followed by two Astaire-Rogers films, "Gay Divorcee" - 1934 and "Top Hat" - 1935 - all four are top notch and worth seeing - Highly Recommended!!!!

I think that's about it for today - Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Lucy said...

I just started this are definately alot further along than I am...great job!

Sandra said...

I never use black thread, or white for that matter, as I find they are too stark. I tend to use a charcoal grey if the chart calls for black and a light cream instead of white. You can hardly tell the difference when finished, but it looks softer in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Morning Glory never saw, but Little Women is one of my favourites (Jo will always be Miss Hepburn, not Winona). Always loved Fred and Ginger movies, or Fred and Cid Charisse. I'm not only a stitcher (and that is how I found out your blog, through Twisted Stitcher, I loved the sock she sent you), but also a movie fan. I have with my husband a blog about movies. There he writes about (or tries to) all the movies he has ever seen. I get to write one or two articles. We have a translator there, from portuguese to english and you are welcome to visit us anytime.
Your work is really beatiful!
And, by the way, Happy Birthday!
Will add you to the Links I have in my stitching blog if you don't mind.
Paula Nunes Lima