Monday, October 20, 2008

An ornament for my tree - and some movies

Since I spent the entire stitchy time this weekend on secret exchanger stuff - no snaps - (do I hear a collective sigh of relief from my bad snaps????) But I do have a super picky of an ornament that arrive on Friday afternoon - It is from Joan and is part of the Christmas Ornament Swap - here is a snap -

This darling is from the 2004 JCS Magazine (Just Cross Stitch) and designed by Carriage House Samplings - isn't it gorgeous - I am a big history fan - if you couldn't tell - and this feels so Elizabethan to me - the tiny beads give an effect of the smallest pearls - and it has a deer - who could ask for anything more!! I feel so luck to be a part of the Ornament Swap - thank you so much Joan!!

Hi Tammie - let me answer your question while I am thinking about it - when I first started to blog - I also had trouble with all the abbreviations out there - here are a few that have come up recently - MM&I - refers to the Me Myself and I Round Robin, OOP - Out of Print, PS, Prairie Schooler Designers (a favorite of mine), SBEBB - Stitching Bloggers Bulletin Board
- any other quetions just ask!

I saw a ton of films this weekend - I'll only mention 4 - Starting off with "The Keyhole" - 1933 - starring Kay Francis and George Brent - suffering and blackmailed Kay is on the run and falling in love with the private detective hired by her husband to follow her to Cuba - a really excellent film with Kay being outfitted superbly by Orry Kelly - next up is "House on 56th Street" - 1933 - starring Kay Francis and Ricardo Cortez - suffering Kay the murderess is on the run from her past when it catches up to her with another murder, again looking great in some sumptuous Orry Kelly outfits!! Then there was " Dr. Monica" - 1934 - starring Kay Francis and Warren William - suffering Kay - do you see a pattern here?? - must keep silent about her husbands illegitimate child and death of a friend while looking super in Orry Kelly!!! The last film I am going to mention here is "I Married a Witch " - 1942 starring Veronica Lake, Fredrick March and Susan Hayward - just a great flick with some really snappy dialogue!!! The first three were copied onto DVDR and are unavailable to rent but "IMaW" is on DVD a very rentable - so if you've not seen it try it you'll like it!!!

There you go - Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care-


Cindy F. said...

Edgar, Honestly! I haven't seen a bad snap! Love the ornament. Thanks for the abbrev. explanations :0 I'm new and learning too! And love your films reviews:

Irene said...

Wonderful ornament !

Ja'niece said...

Edgar, could you send me the URL for the "Stitching Bloggers Bulletin Board" I tried to google it but didn't have any luck.


Vonna said...

Isn't that the sweetest reindeer ornament from Joan :) She did good!

Donna said...

Love, love, love your blog. Tell me, are you going to do a birthday exchange club in 2009 and will you be accepting new people?

Mama Joan said...


I am so glad you like the ornie. I enjoyed stitching it for you.

Kristen said...

Edgar, I've never seen a bad picture on your blog!

The ornament is adorable. =)

Anonymous said...

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