Monday, October 13, 2008

Not too much going on - weekend -

I did a lot of stitching but nothing I can show as it is all for upcoming things - and secret.

We went garage-saleing - and got a few things - is was pretty cool/cold on Saturday morning so there were not that many garage sales to go to - even after listing them on Craigslist some people failed to show - I did pick up a couple of baskets, a pitcher and a 4 cup Brown Betty tea pot - mine that I already have is a big 8 cupper now with a smaller pot I will probably drink more tea!!

On Sunday we went out to Eddies for breakfast and then stopped over at the Farmers Market and got some veggies and Rico picked up some really pretty flowers - here are a couple of snaps -

and another

I am no sure what they are but they are pretty!!

There you have it - we also ran to Target and JoAnnes Fabrics and did three loads of laundry - pretty boring stuff!!! One of the high points was a trip over to NIAH!! So why does it feel like right this second I could just take the longest nap there ever was!!!!
It is just way too early the morning to be at work!!!!!

I hope your weekend was more exciting!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

take care,

This is why I should read the comments before just hitting the keyboard - AnnMarie - I don't know why I start at the bottom of the squares for VoHRH - in fact I never thought about it - I guess it's because you build from the ground up?? and when there is an actual building from the ground up is probably the best way to fill the square....
there ya go - not the best answer but an answer. :)


Mãe da Rita said...

Your beautiful flowers are dahlias and I love it! It's funny, I use to start my works from up to down... Are you left hand? Lol! Have a nice week! (()) MJ

Wendy said...


Your dahlias are gorgeous.. I love the coloring! They are such a beautiful, patterned flower, aren't they?

I love watching and reading how people stitch and why. =) I used to stitch from the bottom up until someone pointed out that, as I stitch from the bottom of a "square" and always go down in the upper corners... working from the top down allows me to pull my previous stitches down flat. So now I just do it, no matter what. We just do what we're used to, right? (But I like your explanation better. heh)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you got some real bargains way to go love the flowers really nice.. bet they smell gorgeous.

Irene said...

Sounds like a productive weekend. The Dahlias are lovely !

Tammy said...

Your projects look great Edgar! The flowers, dahlias, are so lovely. I'm sure you are enjoying them!

Carol said...

Pretty dahlias - I love how they smell, so fresh!

Vonna said...

Brown Betty sure knows how to make tea, doesn't she?! Mine is a 8 cup too...I bet I'd drink more if I didn't have such a large pot :)
Lovely flowers...what a pretty color!

Annemarie said...

Makes perfect sense, Edgar! Thanks :o)

Pretty flowers! I know roses from tulips, but that's where my knowledge of all things floral ends...