Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Gorgeous Ornie Arrives, a super tea cup and some snaps

Thank you all for the nice things about my not very nice post yesterday - but sometimes I get so frustrated and just need to vent - and I rewrote that sucker about a dozen times.... so if you can imagine, that was the toned down version of the original. Moving on..... Dear Jennifer asked about one of the charts I sent to Anna - it was from her wish list and is called "Seashell Silhouette" by Imaginating.

Yesterday I received a wonderful Ornament from Julianne for the Ornament swap
- here is a snap -

This lovely is by Prairie Schooler (and you know how I love them!!!) and is from the PS Christmas Trees I - done in DMC 115. Just beautiful - Thank you so much Julianne!!!!!!!

While I was at my sisters we went running around on Saturday with a friend of hers and went into downtown Vancouver and then into Portland shopping and whatnot - while in Vancouver we happened onto an Antique Mall and so me not wanting to pass it up drug us all into and around and I found this wonderful teacup -

Now, I hear you thinking so whats the big deal about some crazed up old cup and saucer - well get a ruler, yard stick or tape measure and let me tell you - this cup is 5 inches tall by 5 inches in diameter and the saucer is 8 inches across - isn't that a super cup!!!!! It holds almost three cups of liquid!! You can't tell from the picture how ginormous this is - and I couldn't pass this up - the price was only $10 bucks and then when I got to the register in front I found out it was 20% off - now you can't beat that with a stick!!!!! It has no markings but I would guess last quarter of the 19th century transfer with hand decoration - so now when I have a cuppa tea I have a cuppa tea.

Now I take pictures of just about anything that isn't nailed down
- while I was on holiday I didn't take one picture - oh well - what are you gonna do
- but last night I took a couple of great snaps of SF -

This is a snap from our "veranda" - aka the ledge we called a balcony/veranda... looking east towards downtown - isn't the fog cool as it pours over the city from the Golden Gate
.... and this one....

Looking wast from the veranda up from Noe Valley towards Twin peaks with the fog pouring over the mountains - I never get tired of seeing the fog just cover the city - with in a half hour of taking these two snaps you couldn't see 10 feet off the veranda in any direction there was so much fog. This weekend we are going to get a super rain storm, the first of the season, so I am staying in. I think there may be a movie or two in my future. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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CraftyT said...

I will be seeing that wonderful fog that I have missed so much in two months. We are moving back to the Bay Area. :)
Have fun datying indoors, I love a good rain storm.

Kendra said...

That is a big tea cup!

Cool fog pictures! We get some fog around here sometimes, but it's not like that. It mainly just congregates in the low spots until the sun melts it away.

staci said...

Julianne sent you a gorgeous ornament! And what a fantastic tea cup!!! I just found a new favorite tea...Twinings Herbal Revive, lemon and ginger, mmmmm!

Irene said...

Lovely ornament ! That's a big tea cup, drink fast or it will get cold.

DaisyGirl said...

Wow, that is a big tea cup. Just think though, you'd not have to make a refill though! Your ornie looks divine! Beautiful red color.
ps: venting is good, it's better then it being bottled up inside!

Melissa said...

The tea cup and saucer is great! You shouldn't have to get up too often for refills.

I love the picture of the fog rolling in. That is so cool!

Jennifer/OH said...

I knew that corner of the starfish looked familiar. I have a similar Imaginating design that is a candle jar wrapper. Haven't stitched it up yet, but it is on the "to-do" list for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the info.
Love the scenic shots of SF.

Marian said...

I have a cup and saucer about that size but not an antique like yours. Great for soup when you want the Campbell's to be special. Marian

msstitch01 said...

Hi Edgar,

Have been a lurker for a long time and always find your posts interesting. I would love to be able to look at all of your finishes that you have photographed, do you have an on-line stitching album? I have looked all over your blog and can't find an address for one - not sure if that is because you don't have one or you haven't put the link anywhere in your blog.

Best wishes, Gail

msstitch01 said...
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Cheryl said...

What a lovely Christmas ornie you received!
Great tea cup and great pics too - a place i would love to visit but who knows if we ever will!
Have a great weekend Egdar

Anonymous said...

All lovely!
The ornament, the tea cup and the pictures!!!
Since tonight is "that" night, Happy Halloween.
Hope the costumes are ready and not too scary.
Wish you a good "trick or treat".
Hubbie wants meto see "Shinning" which I never dis!! Scary enough????
Best regards

Lucy said... that's alot tea!!!! Love the pillow!

Andrea said...

Julianne's ornament is wonderful. Great photos of the fog.