Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Exchange arrives -

Yesterday a package from the UK arrived and it was the Halloween Exchange from the SBEBB - my partner was Chris and she did and absolute bang up job with everything!!
Here is a snap of the exchange -

The entire package was super - Chris stitched the Witches feet - I have this pattern somewhere in my stash, and have seen quite a few renditions on differnt Blogs - I really wanted to stitch it up - but tempus fugit - and now I have this wonderful hanging piece - it is hard to tell but this is a hanging piece - and as the cording for hanging is black and you really can't see it in this snap - in fact I hung it up when I got home and it looks really cute!!!!
The finishing extras will come in handy - Thank you so much Chris!!!!!

I worked on exchange stitching last night and will be exchange stitching exclusively for the next few days as I want to get ahead on my exchanges so that I can start in on my MM&I piece. I am waiting to start the MM&I beacuse I won some really expensive OOP charts on eBay and now sit waiting for them to arrive. I am just amazed at how much some of those PS charts go for - but when I want/need... gotta have - I am really gonna have to spend!!!! I shifted my idea from a winter piece to a Fall/Autumnal piece so I am rethinking some of the ideas - I already know what the border will look like. It is the arrangement of the middle ground that I am working on - trying to fit in all that I want to get in that square without making it a tablecloth sized piece to stitch!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Take care,


Jennifer/OH said...

Love those witch's feet. I've seen a few of them around too and I just must get that chart.
What Ps's did you win on eBay?

Irene said...

These witch's feet are very popular and every time I see them they look better and better !

Carol R said...

Lovely exchange from Chris. I love those witches feet. My Halloween exchange came today too and I am so thrilled!

tammie said...

hiya great exchange wondered ifyou caould tell me what the abbreivations stand forthough i am lost.. lol

Cenoura said...

Hi Edgar!
I'm now a daily visit on your blog, cause you have so many lovely things!
I've saw your great work on Quaker (I'm crazy about Quaker)
Wish you all the best
Greetings from Portugal

Karoline said...

Cute exchange :)

Andrea said...

Chris did a great job on your exchange, it's wonderful.

Tammy said...

Awesome exchange! I'm loving the feet--I really have to stitch that.

Cathy B said...

This seems to be a popular design this fall - Chris did a nice job finishing it for you!

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

Annemarie said...

Ah yes, the MM&I... I've changed my plans too! Will reveal all in a later post :o)
Love the Halloween exchange! Isn't that pair of feet the ugliest?