Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some more Birthday snaps

I thought I had taken a snap of the prezzie that sweet Mary gave me but did not have one yesterday - so I took others last night and here they are -

Mary is quite a snap with a needle and makes these super kitchen towels that I am totally in love with!!! She sells them over on etsy under the name Honest Patch - and she gave me one!! There are two styles - this one has the quilted edging all around and the other style has a large quilted border along the bottom. She uses retro fabrics for the squares and heavy flour sacking for the body. Back in the winter she gave Rico one and it gets used and washed all the time and still looks brand new - so they hold up very well. Along with the towel she stitched up a two sided key chain - one side has the Workbasket Quaker Porcupine and the other side -

-has my initials and a raspberry - Mary said she did this in honor of my virtual pet Hampton on the blog!! I have now replaced my broken work key ring for this great one!!!
Thank you so much Mary!!!

I also received yesterday a prezzie from a friend in Paris
- she knows I like minty things and sent me some French mints -

The "Betises de Cambrai" I have had before and really like but the others are new and very good also!! Thank you Isabelle!

I finally took a snap of the platter I picked up this weekend -

I really like it - and for $4.49 you just can't beat the price!!! It is in perfect condition and full sized - so it can take the Turkasaurus-maximus that I will be cooking this year - I think I am going to have a crowd of folks over!!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays - no pressure just a laid back parade and dinner!!!

There is a new smallish Farmers Market over at grove and Divisadero on Sundays that we have been going to...this past Sunday we picked up some really gorgeous Sun Flowers
- here is a snap of the ones on the table now -

They really say fall and last so very long!!

I worked on a finished up the grass on square 8 of VoHRH -

I will start to work on the mill pond tonight.

Last night the movie was "His Kind of Woman" - 1951 starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell - I really enjoyed this film - the whole look of the film was great from the sets and costumes to the lighting and camera angles. It did seem that Jane Russell was there to only wear cleavage revealing outfits with strategically placed brooches and to deliver her great one liners and off the cuff remarks!!! She was gorgeous don't get me wrong but I would think on a vacation that everything you would bring would not have your bosom on the brink of a bodice ripper??? I may be wrong - the character she payed was on the hunt for a rich husband and what better bait??? I would recommend this movie for many reason's - snappy dialogue, great sets, great actors including Raymond Burr and Vincent Price
and the ever present danger of "will that brooch hold or not!!!"

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


Jennifer/OH said...

Love, love, love the turkey platter. I own three! I barely ever use them for the actual turkey though...I just like to display then as seasonal decorations. I love Thanksgiving too. No gifts to buy and you can even get away with wearing elastic-waist pants to dinner.

Cindy F. said...

Hey! I'm new to the blogging world, but wanted you to know I've been following your blog for a few months now and you truly inspire me. I love your site, your stitchings, your movie reviews, the small glimpses we see of your life. (The glass pics were awesome!) Just wanted to say thank you for all of it :)
Cindy F. / TX

Lisa said...

Love that porcupine (I call it a hedgehog but what the hey) ;) I'll have to check out those towels!